Asset Recovery in Eurasia

Repatriation or Repay the Patron?

Here are pho­tos from the Helsinki Commission:

Video of the event on February 12 can be seen (and down­loaded) here:

Asset recovery—the process of repa­tri­at­ing funds pre­vi­ous­ly stolen by cor­rupt officials—remains one of the most con­tentious points in the fight against transna­tion­al cor­rup­tion. Though only a small per­cent­age of stolen funds are ever recov­ered, major ques­tions exist about the best ways to ensure that repa­tri­at­ed funds don’t sim­ply reen­ter the same patron­age cycle from which they came. Is it pos­si­ble to ensure that recov­ered assets actu­al­ly serve the peo­ple from whom they have been stolen?

This brief­ing explored approach­es to repa­tri­a­tion in Armenia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Panelists dis­cussed best prac­tices and chal­lenges in asset recov­ery as well as appro­pri­ate pol­i­cy respons­es, both by the state in ques­tion and the inter­na­tion­al com­mu­ni­ty, and com­pared the respec­tive approach­es of the three countries.

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