HOW TO LEAK TO  KIAR.Kazakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery

Have infor­ma­tion that could expose wrongdoing?

Want to blow the whis­tle on cor­rup­tion? We need you – and we’re com­mit­ted to keep­ing you safe.

As reporters our job is to keep the pow­er­ful account­able, but we can’t do that with­out evi­dence. If you have access to doc­u­ments prov­ing cor­rup­tion, crime or abuse of pow­er, send it to us. As a source, we will do every­thing to keep you anony­mous and take full pre­cau­tions in com­mu­ni­ca­tions and the edit­ing process.

KIAR.Kazakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery is will­ing to inves­ti­gate evi­dence of cor­rup­tion pro­vid­ed by whistleblowers.
At KIAR.Kazakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery, we can’t arrest people.
We can’t indict them.
But we shine a light on the cor­rupt, the thiev­ing, the greedy and the heartless.
We can fight for equal and fair resources for all.

We can sep­a­rate civ­il soci­ety from unciv­il soci­ety. It’s our job. Help us to do it better.


Post your doc­u­ments or tips by mail to the fol­low­ing address:


If you send us an encrypt­ed e‑mail, bear in mind e‑mail sub­ject lines are not encrypt­ed there­fore send us an encrypt­ed e‑mail with­out a sub­ject line to


In the hands of our team of trained researchers and jour­nal­ists, infor­ma­tion can make a dif­fer­ence. We call on you to help us by pro­vid­ing infor­ma­tion on rigged ten­ders, frauds, scams, cor­rup­tion, envi­ron­men­tal dis­as­ters and abus­es of pow­er. If your tips and data could change the sta­tus quo, or even save lives, we want to hear about it.

Corruption is an endem­ic prob­lem that hurts us all. But it needn’t be. If peo­ple stood up to those in pow­er who are get­ting wealthy off the country’s wealth, we’d have less cor­rup­tion. We all need to do our part. We need to do the right thing.