After Cohen/Manafort, we're (still) only at the beginning of #TrumpRussia

Just as a reminder of how far we’ve come, and have so much fur­ther to go in #TrumpRussia. And Mueller’s fol­low­ing the mon­ey is a spe­cial­ty of the FBI/DoJ.

Even as there’s Cohen’s record­ing of Trump’s direct­ing the ille­gal pay­ment for a “catch and kill” of a sala­cious sto­ry, there is just so much more there, there. As writ­ten in pri­or pieces, the Steele dossier has always been only a sketch of a much larg­er web of finan­cial and polit­i­cal crime. This explains all the efforts made to dis­cred­it it, espe­cial­ly the machi­na­tions of GOP politi­cians, divert­ing atten­tion from many sources of many GOP cam­paign funds unex­am­ined so far.…

It’s a long and wind­ing road that still goes through Trumpworld.

The mega-fraud in Kazakhstan winds up in Trump property.

LONDON (June 26, 2018)

A col­lab­o­ra­tive inves­ti­ga­tion has found the spe­cif­ic off­shore com­pa­nies used to route into a Trump-brand­ed prop­er­ty more than $3 mil­lion linked to a mas­sive fraud case in Kazakhstan.

The dis­cov­ery pro­vides one of the most detailed views yet of a mon­ey-laun­der­ing alle­ga­tion involv­ing a Trump property.

The exact mon­ey trail and how it con­nect­ed the Trump SoHo project in New York to Kazakh oli­garch Mukhtar Ablyazov has so far been hid­den from pub­lic view.

The col­lab­o­ra­tive inves­ti­ga­tion involv­ing the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, the Dutch TV doc­u­men­tary pro­gram Zembla and McClatchy shows how more than $30 mil­lion from an alleged­ly taint­ed source was used to finance Kazakh invest­ments in the United States with the help of ex-Trump asso­ciate Felix Sater.…

Dutch media goes where US MSM has yet to go, doing a 2017 pro­gram in sev­er­al parts on #TrumpRussia cov­er­ing the broad­er con­nec­tions and the specifics of Bayrock LLC’s mon­ey laun­der­ing involv­ing Kazakhstan and the Netherlands, among oth­er stories:

For months, the FBI have been inves­ti­gat­ing Russian inter­fer­ence in the American pres­i­den­tial elec­tions. ZEMBLA is inves­ti­gat­ing anoth­er explo­sive dossier con­cern­ing Trump’s involve­ment with the Russians: Trump’s busi­ness and per­son­al ties to oli­garchs from the for­mer Soviet Union. Powerful bil­lion­aires sus­pect­ed of mon­ey laun­der­ing and fraud, and of hav­ing con­tacts in Moscow and with the mafia. What do these rela­tion­ships say about Trump and why does he deny them? How com­pro­mis­ing are these dubi­ous busi­ness rela­tion­ships for the 45th pres­i­dent of the United States? And are there con­nec­tions with the Netherlands? ZEMBLA meets with one of Trump’s con­tro­ver­sial cronies and speaks with a for­mer CIA agent, fraud inves­ti­ga­tors, attor­neys, and an American sen­a­tor among others.…

and then there’s the reminder of Russian oil privatization.


Circumstantial evi­dence strong­ly indi­cates that President Donald J. Trump and his cam­paign asso­ciates bro­kered a mas­sive oil pri­va­ti­za­tion deal in which Trump Organization facil­i­tat­ed a glob­al finan­cial trans­ac­tion to sell Russian Oil stock to its Russia’s Syrian War adver­sary, the Emirate of Qatar.

The Trump Russia Dossier, com­piled by for­mer British spy Christopher Steele, describes a mas­sive pri­va­ti­za­tion deal to deliv­er a chunk of the Russian state-owned Rosneft Oil com­pa­ny to Qatar and a secret buy­er in the Cayman Islands.

This is the trans­ac­tion that Ranking House Intel Committee Member Adam Schiff (D‑CA) described when he kicked off Congress’ Russia hear­ings, when he dis­cussed Rosneft’s pri­va­ti­za­tion deal and the many con­tacts between the Trump cam­paign and Putin’s allies.

Donald Trump and Russia con­duct­ed the trans­ac­tion in three phas­es: Phase 1 began in ear­ly 2016 with a meet­ing of the minds at The Mayflower Hotel to start the deal and its due dili­gence peri­od. Phase 2 began just before the Republican National Convention and con­tin­ued through Election Day. Phase 3 hap­pened after Trump’s shock­ing win and con­clud­ed just days before Buzzfeed pub­lished the bomb­shell dossier describ­ing the deal.…

After Cohen/Manafort, we’re (still) only at the begin­ning of #TrumpRussia

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