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Zeynulla Kakimzhanov

Google trans­lat­ed

Former Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, businessman.

Owns an apart­ment in Paris worth € 1.8 mil­lion in France.

More details

Zeynulla Kakimzhanov was also the Minister of State Revenue (1999–2002), ex-Chairman of the Board of the Investment Fund of Kazakhstan JSC. Now the own­er of the Arba Wine winery.

Apartment in a build­ing on Avenue George V in the cen­ter of Paris. Estimated at € 1.8 million.

A team of jour­nal­ists worked on the project:
Alexey Tikhonov, Nazira Darimbet, Evgeniya Mazhitova, Zhanna Baitelova, Alexander Baranov, Yulia Kozlova, Irina Petrushova

This inves­ti­ga­tion was orig­i­nal­ly pub­lished in the Russian lan­guage and appeared on the orig­i­nal KLEPTO ASIA website.

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