How the daughters of Vladimir Ni added four apartments in central London to their holdings

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@offshoress “Access to the Sea” has already writ­ten about the fam­i­ly inher­i­tance of one of the clos­est asso­ciates of Nursultan Nazarbayev, Vladimir Ni, who got rich on the pri­vati­sa­tion of assets that pre­vi­ous­ly belonged to the Communist Party of Kazakhstan.

Courtyard of The Knightsbridge Apartments

In the last text, we talked about the French pos­ses­sions of his wife Vera Ten, daugh­ters of Rita, Victoria and her hus­band Nurmukhamed Dzhunusbekov. Then we dis­cov­ered a vine­yard and a win­ery in the south­east of France, three apart­ments in Paris, an apart­ment in the Swiss can­ton of Zug and a hotel in Fontainebleau, at the entrance to the famous res­i­dence of the kings of France.

The real estate we dis­cov­ered in France and Switzerland can be esti­mat­ed at about € 15 million.

But the find­ings did not end there. We cross the English Channel and find our­selves in London, in the Knightsbridge area already famil­iar to the read­ers of our channel.

The 11-storey com­plex The Knightsbridge Apartments for 200 lux­u­ry apart­ments was com­plet­ed in 2006. Many apart­ments in it belong to for­eign own­ers — there is the apart­ment of the fam­i­ly of the leader of the Adal par­ty Serik Sultangaliyev and two adja­cent apart­ments of Camilla Kim, the mid­dle daugh­ter of busi­ness­man Vladimir Kim.

Sisters Victoria and Rita Nee bought four apart­ments in the “apart­ment on the knight’s bridge”.

Three apartments on one floor

There are only 16 apart­ments on the sev­enth floor of the com­plex. Of these, three belong to Victoria Ni, accord­ing to extracts from the British inventory.

The first apart­ment was pur­chased in June 2013. How much it cost is unknown: the amount of the trans­ac­tion is not shown in the doc­u­ments, the prop­er­ty is only esti­mat­ed at “more than 1 mil­lion pounds.”

Following, with an inter­val of more than three years, Victoria Ni bought an apart­ment for £ 18.5 million.

And final­ly, the last deal was made a lit­tle over a year ago, on March 5, 2020. This apart­ment cost Victoria Ni £ 7.4 million.

Apartments for £ 7.4 mil­lion and with an unknown price are clear­ly adja­cent: their ser­i­al num­bers fol­low one after another.

Extracts from the UK real estate cadas­tre. Full address­es in London and Kazakhstan are hid­den by the edi­to­r­i­al board of “Out to the Sea”

Facing the Sea does not have floor plans for The Knightsbridge Apartments , but judg­ing by the prices, Victoria None owns a two-bed­room apart­ment of about 170 m² and a three- or four-bed­room apart­ment that is at least twice as large. Since the price of the third apart­ment is unknown, its para­me­ters can only be guessed at.

And the fourth — to my sister

In December 2016, Rita’s younger sis­ter Nee got her own apart­ment in The Knightsbridge Apartments . By that time, Victoria had just bought the sec­ond, most expen­sive apartment.

Rita lives on the third, less pres­ti­gious floor of this com­plex. The price of the apart­ment is also rel­a­tive­ly mod­est — £ 4.15 million.

Extract from the UK real estate cadas­tre. Full address­es in London and Kazakhstan are hid­den by the edi­to­r­i­al board of “Out to the Sea”

In total, the Ni fam­i­ly spent at least £ 31 mil­lion on real estate in cen­tral London — more than three times the val­ue of real estate we dis­cov­ered ear­li­er in France and Switzerland. 

In total, the rel­a­tives of the late Vladimir Ni spent at least € 50 mil­lion on assets that we have so far man­aged to find.


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