How Vladimir Kim's middle daughter received a $ 60 million coming of age gift

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@offshoress “Access to the Sea” man­aged to find three apart­ments in the cen­ter of London, owned by Camilla Kim , the mid­dle daugh­ter of busi­ness­man Vladimir Kim . All of them are locat­ed in fash­ion­able res­i­dences in the very cen­ter of the British cap­i­tal near Hyde Park: two in the same build­ing and on the same floor and the third in a res­i­dence near­by, the lat­ter com­plex of build­ings being con­sid­ered the most expen­sive apart­ment build­ing in the world.

Living room at The Knightsbridge Apartments

Vladimir Kim made his for­tune on the sale of min­er­al resources: now the busi­ness­man owns a third part of KAZ Minerals PLC , more than two-thirds of him owns Kazakhmys Corporation LLP , a major­i­ty stake in Bank RBK , he invests in media — for exam­ple, the Tan TV and radio com­pa­ny .

According to Forbes, Vladimir Kim’s for­tune in December 2020 was $ 4.1 bil­lion — he is num­ber one in the list of the rich­est peo­ple in Kazakhstan and num­ber two in the list of the most influ­en­tial people.

Its main asset — the Kazakhmys group — was cre­at­ed on the basis of the Soviet enter­prise Zhezkazgantsvetmet in 1992. Initially, shares in it belonged to the state (80%) and the col­lec­tive of the enter­prise. In the mid-90s, the state share was trans­ferred to the Korean cor­po­ra­tion Samsung on the basis of own­er­ship rights, then passed into the pos­ses­sion of the cur­rent shareholders.

Kazakhmys has been repeat­ed­ly linked to the first pres­i­dent of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. So, before list­ing the com­pa­ny on the London Stock Exchange, Global Witness, an inter­na­tion­al non-gov­ern­men­tal orga­ni­za­tion that aims to com­bat human rights vio­la­tions by coun­tries export­ing nat­ur­al resources, pub­lished a report in which it sug­gests that the pres­i­dent has a sig­nif­i­cant influ­ence on the Kazakhsmys group. In par­tic­u­lar, Vladimir Ni, the chair­man of the board of direc­tors of Corporation Kazakhmys LLP ( we wrote about the assets of his fam­i­ly in France ), worked for a long time in lead­ing posi­tions in the pres­i­den­tial administration.

Nursultan Nazarbayev’s broth­er Bolat was a mem­ber of the board of direc­tors of Kazakhmys in 2004, before list­ing in London, and Vladimir Kim him­self was a mem­ber of the polit­i­cal coun­cil of the rul­ing Nur Otan par­ty. He also head­ed the Karaganda region­al branch of the Republican pub­lic cam­paign head­quar­ters of Nazarbayev in the 2005 campaign.

Apartments next to Adal’s London headquarters

In January 2017, Camilla Kim turned 18. In the same year, in October, on one day, she acquired two apart­ments on the fifth floor of The Knightsbridge Apartments , which is locat­ed in the Knightsbridge dis­trict of London.

The first, cheap­er, cost her £ 6 mil­lion , the sec­ond — £ 8 mil­lion , so the total pur­chase was £ 14 mil­lion .

Access to the sea” has already writ­ten about this house: in it, on the eighth floor, an apart­ment was bought by a firm owned by the fam­i­ly of the chair­man of the Odal par­ty Serik Sultangaliyev . Sultangaliev’s wife and daugh­ter bought the apart­ment two years ear­li­er than Camilla Kim — in 2015 — and it is sig­nif­i­cant­ly cheap­er, £ 5.2 million.

The para­me­ters of both of Kim’s apart­ments are unknown, but right now you can look at prop­er­ties sim­i­lar in price. For £ 7.2 mil­lion — more expen­sive than Camilla Kim’s small­er apart­ment, but cheap­er than the larg­er one — a three-room res­i­dence with three bed­rooms (each equipped with its own bath­room and toi­let), a large liv­ing room and a kitchen is being sold. The total area of ​​this apart­ment is about 160 square meters.

That is, the area of ​​Camilla Kim’s two neigh­bor­ing apart­ments in this res­i­dence can be esti­mat­ed at no less than 300 m².

Extracts from the reg­is­ter of real estate for apart­ments in The Knightsbridge Apartments

Housing in the most expensive house in the world

The Knightsbridge area is locat­ed in the heart of London, right next to Buckingham Palace. In 2011, right next to Hyde Park, the One Hyde Park res­i­dence was com­plet­ed — this com­plex of build­ings is called “the most expen­sive in the world” at the price of a square meter. The cost of apart­ments there reach­es hun­dreds of mil­lions of pounds .

From here you have a great view of Knightsbridge and Hyde Park. One Hyde Park offers lux­u­ry liv­ing in London at its best, ”real­tors adver­tise the res­i­den­tial complex.

One Hyde Park Residence

As you approach, you notice that you are being scanned by guards in bowlers, who look like the team in charge of guard­ing a mil­i­tary base, not an apart­ment build­ing in cen­tral London,” the anony­mous author of Business Insider described the building.

The same author empha­sized that this build­ing is “a man­i­fes­ta­tion of a class that believes itself to be sep­a­rat­ed from the rest of soci­ety and hap­py to live in iso­la­tion from it.”

Living room in an apart­ment at One Hyde Park Residence

Camilla Kim took over the apart­ment in this com­plex in June 2017. In addi­tion to the hous­ing itself, the prop­er­ty also includes a park­ing space and a wine cel­lar — these are sep­a­rate premis­es on the under­ground lev­els. The apart­ment is locat­ed on the third floor of Building B.

Extract from the real estate reg­is­ter for an apart­ment in One Hyde Park

The cost of this prop­er­ty is £ 27.5 mil­lion . As in the case of the first apart­ment, “Access to the Sea” does not have spe­cif­ic para­me­ters of the apart­ment, and can only be com­pared with sim­i­lar­ly priced prop­er­ties for sale.

Even one-room apart­ments in this build­ing have an area of ​​about 100 m². Apartments with three and four bed­rooms are sell­ing for £ 16- £ 28 million.

Camilla Kim’s apart­ment is also on the third floor, but in build­ing B

Here is the plan for the apart­ment on the third floor in build­ing D: four bed­rooms (each with its own bath­room and toi­let), a kitchen, a din­ing room, a liv­ing room of almost 60 m² and a ter­race. The total area of ​​such an apart­ment is almost 365 m².

But that is not all. In addi­tion to a 21-meter swim­ming pool, pri­vate spa, saunas, squash court and cin­e­ma, res­i­dents can enjoy 24-hour staff at the near­by Mandarin Oriental.

From a bird’s eye view, the build­ings of One Hyde Park look like the Imperial stormtroop­ers from “Star Wars” — but the win­dows over­look Hyde Park.

Thus, the total val­ue of the three prop­er­ties is £ 41.5 mil­lion, or about $ 58 mil­lion .


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