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Yelge Qaitaru Foundation: “Kazakhtelecom” JSC Kuanyshbek Yesekeyev involved in the offences committed

The Public Fund “Elge Qaitaru” received an Act of documentary verification of the Corporate Business Division – a branch of “Kazakhtelecom” JSC. Period to be verified: 01.01.2018 – 01.10.2021, time of verification: 23.08.2021 – 22.11.2021 It follows from this act that the specified branch of “Kazakhtelecom” JSC (hereinafter referred to as the Branch) allowed numerous resales of telecommunications services to third parties by the companies “Amanat Service Solutions” LLP, “A.R.Group Company” LLP, “Almastor” LLP, “Adal Telecom” LLP, “Kazteleport” LLP. In addition, the Branch allowed the provision of services to non-existent legal entities.

At the same time, the Branch provided these companies with unreasonably high discounts on telecommunication services (40-80%). The revealed facts of resale of services are a direct violation of the requirements of a number of internal regulations of” Kazakhtelecom” JSC. As a result of these violations, the interests of “Kazakhtelecom” JSC were damaged in the form of lost profits in the amount of 7,046,434,500 (seven billion forty-six million four hundred thirty-four thousand five hundred) tenge.

We ask you to inform us about the measures taken to eliminate these violations, eliminate the practice of reselling telecommunication services and who is directly held accountable by the heads of “Kazakhtelecom” JSC. We are confident that the identified embezzlement is impossible without the affiliation of the listed organizations with the management and shareholders of Kazakhtelecom JSC. We also ask you to inform us about the termination of contracts with companies and compensation for the damage caused.

Taking into account the monopoly position of “Kazakhtelecom” JSC in the provision of services to individuals and legal entities of the country, we ask you to inform us about the possibility of reducing tariffs as a result of eliminating violations, since the Company existed perfectly without these revenues.

A separate question is why Kuanyshbek Yesekeyev (who is considered an affiliate of Karim Masimov) continues to lead the activities of Kazakhtelecom JSC?

Is he involved in the offences committed?

If not, why did he allow damage to the interests of the company for a long period?

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