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Nazarbayev’s granddaughter and her mansion in Cannes

It is not yet clear how the unrest in Kazakhstan will end, but it is already known that the country’s first president has room to retreat. He can go to his favorite hotel in Karlovy Vary, or to his brother Bolat in the USA, or to London to his daughter Dariga. “Exit to the Sea” has found a new alternate airfield where Nursultan Abishevich can land – a modest estate in Cannes, on the Cote d’Azur.

The mansion at Cannes, boulevard Leader, was bought by SCI CDG Garden House in 2009 for €4.7 million, according to French cadastre data.

A little earlier, a company with an authorized capital of €10,000 was acquired by two individuals: Italian lawyer Massimiliano Dall’osso and Venera Nazarbayeva, daughter of Dariga Nazarbayeva and granddaughter of the first president of Kazakhstan. At that time, Venera Nazarbayeva was only nine years old.

According to an extract from the commercial register of France, SCI CDG Garden House is owned by Venera Nazarbayeva for 99.99%, the remaining 0.01% is registered with the lawyer Massimiliano Dall’osso. He is the director of this company and signs the documents for Nazarbayev’s granddaughter.

Signature of a lawyer for Venera Nazarbayev (at that time – Aliyev, after his father)

The house of Venera Nazarbayeva is located on the western outskirts of Cannes on a hill overlooking the Cannes Bay of the Ligurian Sea. It is not close to the water, this is not the first line – two kilometers by car. But this is an area of rich residences, where there are no strangers. A little higher up the hill there is a forest for quiet walks.

On the territory of the half-hectare plot (4819 m²), in addition to the main two-story house, there is a swimming pool, a private tennis court, a two-car garage and outbuildings.

Satellite view of the estate. Red shows the boundary between adjacent parcels

Now the view from the boulevard to the house of Venera Nazarbayeva is securely hidden from prying eyes by a hedge. But back in 2011, the vegetation was not so lush. This is what a house looked like on Google StreetView ten years ago.

House of Venera Nazarbayeva in Cannes in February 2011

It was not by chance that we mentioned the Italian Massimiliano Dall’osso above. This lawyer has been repeatedly mentioned in the context of the Family’s real estate. It is Massimiliano Dall’osso who formally owns the British companies that manage commercial real estate in central London. Way to the Sea has already described how an unknown buyer bought an entire block of Baker Street – including the house at 221B Baker Street, where the writer Arthur Conan Doyle settled his hero, detective Sherlock Holmes.

The property of Dariga Nazarbayeva and her son on Baker Street

Having studied the leaked correspondence, The Times journalists in 2020 found that the complex of buildings on Baker Street is 90% owned by Dariga Nazarbayeva, the remaining 10% is owned by her son Nurali Aliyev. But neither Dariga nor her son have ever confirmed that the £185m property belongs to them. Now, with the discovery of a common lawyer, this connection has received new confirmation.

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