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The Great Hunt for the Nazarbayev assets has just begun

Bulat Utemuratov owns an entire garage of gas-hungry sport and luxury cars.

The EU is working with the US Congress and the British House of Commons to tackle autocratic leaders and corrupt kleptocrats within and outside the EU. The FBI is also asked for advice on tackling international fraud, corruption and conflicts of interest. That was the approach of the European anti-corruption Intergroup, which visited Washington in recent days.

Now that the US is back on the world stage, we ask them not to be naive about what is happening within Europe. We have a number of children of concern, it would be nice if the US takes action against this,’ says Labour MEP Lara Wolters, who is a member of the Anti-Corruption Intergroup. ‘For us, the focus is on leaders and kleptocrats within the European Union. the assumption is that the EU member states can handle each other and that the rule of law is guaranteed. We want the Americans to pay attention to that.’

Wolters acknowledges that it would be better for the EU to take its own steps and use the rule of law instrument to enforce the rule of law, but adds that several MEPs have already taken the European Commission to the court to use that instrument.

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