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The Great Hunt for the Nazarbayev assets has just begun

Bulat Utemuratov owns an entire garage of gas-hun­gry sport and lux­u­ry cars.

The EU is work­ing with the US Congress and the British House of Commons to tack­le auto­crat­ic lead­ers and cor­rupt klep­to­crats with­in and out­side the EU. The FBI is also asked for advice on tack­ling inter­na­tion­al fraud, cor­rup­tion and con­flicts of inter­est. That was the approach of the European anti-cor­rup­tion Intergroup, which vis­it­ed Washington in recent days.

Now that the US is back on the world stage, we ask them not to be naive about what is hap­pen­ing with­in Europe. We have a num­ber of chil­dren of con­cern, it would be nice if the US takes action against this,’ says Labour MEP Lara Wolters, who is a mem­ber of the Anti-Corruption Intergroup. ‘For us, the focus is on lead­ers and klep­to­crats with­in the European Union. the assump­tion is that the EU mem­ber states can han­dle each oth­er and that the rule of law is guar­an­teed. We want the Americans to pay atten­tion to that.’

Wolters acknowl­edges that it would be bet­ter for the EU to take its own steps and use the rule of law instru­ment to enforce the rule of law, but adds that sev­er­al MEPs have already tak­en the European Commission to the court to use that instrument.

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