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Public Foundation “Elge Qaitaru”: amendments to the Law “On Return of Illegally Acquired Property to the State”.


Public Foundation “Elge Qaitaru” made new appeals to the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, authorised bodies and deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament:

The Public Foundation “Elge Qaitaru” proposes several additions and amendments to the Law “On Return of Illegally Acquired Property to the State”.

According to the Foundation, objects with a value of more than USD 100 million should also be subject to the activities of the Commission and the Asset Recovery Committee, as is already provided for natural persons. In this respect, it is suggested that one of the paragraphs of the Law should read as follows

“Establishment of a list of objects to be returned to the State, the legality of whose transfer to private ownership raises reasonable doubts”. These objects should be included in the register separately.

But foremost, society needs clarity – whether the Register of Entities, which should confirm the legality of the acquisition (origin) of their property, has been created.

The Public Foundation “Elge Qaitaru” calls for compliance with the provision of the Law, which establishes publicity, transparency, and accountability among the basic principles of property recovery, and proposes to make the Register open and accessible to the Kazakhstani society. Article 8 of the Law provides for the inclusion of public figures in the Asset Recovery Commission. Today there are only a few people, so the Public Foundation “Elge Qaitaru” proposes to legislate a mechanism for delegating public representatives to the Commission and to significantly increase their number.

In the second part of the press conference, the Public Foundation “Elge Qaitaru” asked the government and authorised bodies to deal with the illegal privatisation of the “Pre-Caspian Mining and Metallurgical Combine”, established in 1959 to mine and process uranium-phosphorus ores with rare earth elements.

One of the flagships of the former USSR’s defence-industrial complex was created based on the Melovoye deposit on the Mangyshlak peninsula.

In August 1992, in gross violation of the legislation in force at the time, the plant was corporatised and transformed into JSC KASCOR.

The public foundation “Elge Qaitaru” believes that the combine was not subject to privatisation due to the nature of its activities, that the size of the state share was reduced by criminal means, and that significant assets of the combine belonging to the state property were not taken into account and valued.

28 March 2024. Almaty. Press conference of the public foundation “Elge Qaitaru”.