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Related to the Greatex neb­u­la of com­pa­nies in the UK, links between Kurmanbayev and Aliyev’s com­pa­nies were already point­ing towards the own­er­ship of Kurmanbayev-admin­is­tered com­pa­nies by Aliyev. One per­ti­nent link was Massimiliano Dall’Osso’s direc­tor­ship of Parkview Estates Management Limited, the man­age­ment com­pa­ny for the Baker Street prop­er­ties owned by the vehi­cles man­aged by Kurmanbayev.

As not­ed in pre­vi­ous reports, Massimiliano Dall’Osso was a direc­tor of Metallwerke Bender Rheinland GmbH until 30th July 2006 and a direc­tor of Armoreal Trading GmbH (in liq­ui­da­tion) from 1st July 2005 to 4th January 2008. Aliyev’s cur­rent wife, Elnara Shorazova, was also a direc­tor of Armoreal Trading GmbH from 23rd March 2005 until 4th January 2011.

New find­ings indi­cate that Aliyev is like­ly to be the ulti­mate ben­e­fi­cial own­er of the London real estate:

  • Twingold Holding Limited, a BVI com­pa­ny which acquired the free­hold to a prop­er­ty at 32 Denewood Road in Highgate for £9.3 mil­lion on 2nd April 2008, entered a vol­un­tary liq­ui­da­tion process on 20th March 2013.

The BVI Official Gazette of 18th April 2013 (vol. XLVII, num­ber 24) lists Twingold Holding’s vol­un­tary liq­uida­tor as “Bernard Enry of 4 Rue Jean Senebier, 1205

Geneva, Switzerland”.

Bernard Enry

Bernard Enry is also a direc­tor of A.V. Maximus SA (in liq­ui­da­tion) and an autho­rised sig­na­to­ry for Imperial Sugar Company LLP’s account accord­ing to Raiffeisen Bank

International’s doc­u­men­ta­tion.

Bernard Enry is a French nation­al born on 25th May 1951. He has been a nom­i­nee share­hold­er in A.V. Maximus SA in Geneva along­side Jérôme Hayoz since 26th May 2003.

As a fidu­cia­ry agent and accoun­tant, Bernard Enry has a num­ber of Swiss appoint­ments. He is also cur­rent­ly list­ed as the direc­tor of:

  • French real estate hold­ing com­pa­ny SCI Lou Pescadou (num­ber 518137831) in Antibes;
  • Real estate man­age­ment com­pa­ny B.J. (num­ber 442079968), incor­po­rat­ed in Chambéry on 1st January 2013. B.J. was pre­vi­ous­ly incor­po­rat­ed in Thonon-Les- Bains on 30th May 2002;
  • International Foods Supply Limited (num­ber 04229172), reg­is­tered in London on 5th June 2001. International Foods Supply Limited’s activ­i­ties dis­closed in UK Companies House doc­u­men­ta­tion are “oth­er busi­ness sup­port ser­vice activ­i­ties not else­where clas­si­fied”. As of 15th June 2012, the Company was whol­ly owned by Gledswood Limited.

A com­pa­ny called Gledswood Limited has been reg­is­tered in the UK with num­ber 04653338 since 31st January 2003. As of its last annu­al return filed on 22nd February 2013 it was whol­ly owned by Arlbridge SA, a Panamanian com­pa­ny reg­is­tered on 5th January 2006. Arlbridge’s cap­i­tal was sub­scribed by Enders Inc and Rockall Inc.

The company’s direc­tors are all nom­i­nees: George Allen, Carmen Wong, Yvette Rogers, Jacqueline Alexander and Verna de Nelson.


As men­tioned in a pre­vi­ous report, Sucden is incor­po­rat­ed as a Société Anonyme à Directoire, requir­ing it to dis­close only its main share­hold­ers with stakes of above 10%. In July 2005, when Aliyev was appoint­ed, legal require­ments made it manda­to­ry for a mem­ber of the Supervisory Board to be a share­hold­er in the Company. However, no share­hold­ing infor­ma­tion is dis­closed for Aliyev.

Sucden’s annu­al finan­cial state­ments dis­close the Company’s main share­hold­ers. A stake is held by Sucden’s employ­ees. This cur­rent­ly stands at approx­i­mate­ly 5.45% but has var­ied between 6.43% and 5.45% depend­ing on Sucden’s suc­ces­sive cap­i­tal increas­es from 2004 to 2011.

In 2004, before Aliyev became a share­hold­er, the Company’s cap­i­tal stood at €16,235,136 divid­ed into 106,112 shares of €153 each. Its dis­closed share­hold­ers were Serge Varsano, the son of Sucden’s late founder Maurice Varsano, with a stake of 71.19% and Rhinestone

Limited, reg­is­tered in Labuan, Malaysia with a stake of 16.17%. Rhinestone is report­ed­ly an enti­ty rep­re­sent­ing the Kuok1 Group’s inter­ests in Sucden through a chain of own­er­ship includ­ing UK-reg­is­tered Kerry Group Limited, Hong-Kong-reg­is­tered Kerry Holdings Limited and BVI-reg­is­tered Randwick Resources Limited.

Sucden’s lat­est arti­cles of asso­ci­a­tion dat­ed 7th January 2013 describe Sucden’s shares as nom­i­na­tive but man­aged, at the dis­cre­tion of each share­hold­er, either on a strict­ly nom­i­na­tive account or on a nom­i­nee nom­i­na­tive account.

Sogesucre SA

Information found out dur­ing inves­ti­ga­tion sug­gest­ed the pos­si­bil­i­ty that Aliyev has held part of his equi­ty in Sucden through Sogesucre SA in Switzerland. This is part­ly based on the pres­ence of Max Benhamou as a direc­tor of Sogesucre SA. Max Benhamou is a Supervisory Board mem­ber of Sucden.

Research sug­gests that it is unlike­ly that Aliyev holds any shares in Sucden through Sogesucre as Sogesucre’s share­hold­ing in Sucden pre­dates Aliyev’s involve­ment with the Company.

Sogesucre SA (num­ber CH-660.1.811.002–2) was reg­is­tered in Geneva on 20th September 2002. Its address was at the Geneva address of the fidu­cia­ry agent STG Société Fiduciaire Suisse at the time. The 2002 notice of incor­po­ra­tion in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce clear­ly stat­ed that the com­pa­ny was to hold 6,198 shares of €153 each in Sucden for a val­ue of $3,222,960.

Sogesucre was sub­se­quent­ly re-reg­is­tered in Villars-sur-Glâne, to the address of anoth­er fidu­cia­ry com­pa­ny, NBA Fiduciaire SA, as record­ed on 10th December 2004. It was then still list­ing its hold­ing of Sucden’s shares. Due to its change of address, Sogesucre’s reg­is­tra­tion moved from the Canton of Geneva to the Canton of Fribourg in January 2005.

Finally, as record­ed in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce on 16th October 2009, Sogesucre moved to Sarnen in the Canton of Obwald and its reg­is­tra­tion was dis­solved from the Canton of Fribourg. The Company retained the same pur­pose: to hold 6,198 shares in Sucden for a val­ue of $3,222,960.

Sogesucre’s 2004 arti­cles of incor­po­ra­tion in the Canton of Fribourg state:

The above indi­cates that Sogesucre thus holds 6,198 shares in Sucden on behalf of the share­hold­ers list­ed below who have a stake in Sogesucre accordingly:

ShareholderShares in SucdenStake in Sogesucre (%)
S.E.M. BV3,95063.8
Alexander Krivenko1,98832.0
Max Benhamou2604.2


S.E.M. BV for Sucres Edulcorants Matieres Auxilieres (S.E.M.) BV, a hold­ing com­pa­ny reg­is­tered in the Netherlands on 5th January 2000, is whol­ly held by Henricus Aloysius Maria Palmen (DOB: 15th August 1964) since 27th June 2002.

Another S.E.M. Company BV, active in mar­ket­ing and online media, was reg­is­tered in Rotterdam on 14th June 2001. It is ful­ly held by Ronald Cyril Eduardus Verschueren (DOB: 13th April 1966) since 5th June 2001.

Alexander Krivenko is a Russian nation­al. He was a direc­tor of Sucden Geneva SA (CH- 660.0.100.971–0) from 11th February 1994 to 7th July 1997.

There is no indi­ca­tion that these indi­vid­u­als have any con­nec­tions to Aliyev.


Imperial Sugar was reg­is­tered in London on 7th November 2002 (num­ber OC303329). The LLP part­ners since incor­po­ra­tion are Groupwise Limited and Ramsdell Overseas Limited.

Ramsdell Overseas Limited is a British Virgin Islands enti­ty with an autho­rised cap­i­tal of

$50,000. It was incor­po­rat­ed on 23rd October 2002 with num­ber 518390. As of 26th April 2013 it was list­ed as active and was man­aged by reg­is­tered agent Aleman Cordero Galindo & Lee Trust Ltd. Information sup­plied by the British Virgin Islands’ cor­po­rate reg­is­ter does not dis­close any own­er­ship infor­ma­tion. Groupwise Limited was reg­is­tered in London on 12th February 2001 (num­ber 04158084) and is man­aged by fidu­cia­ry direc­tor Nicholas Warsaw.

Aliyev acknowl­edged in a wit­ness state­ment, that Imperial Sugar Company LLP (“Imperial Sugar”) in London was one of his companies.

Documents showed that trans­ac­tions took place in 2007 between Sucden and Imperial Sugar over the deliv­ery of raw sug­ar from Brazil to a Russian port in the Black Sea. The Sucden / Imperial Sugar trans­ac­tion how­ev­er does not prove that Aliyev holds his stake in Sucden through Imperial Sugar.

Other 2007 trans­ac­tions between Lebanese com­pa­nies also asso­ci­at­ed with Aliyev, Sugar Impex SAL (sell­er) and Direct Capital SAL (buy­er), were disclosed.

A doc­u­ment on the web­site of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange about AO Almatinskii Sachar, a com­pa­ny incor­po­rat­ed in Kazakhstan, con­tains state­ments to the effect that the Company’s main sup­pli­er of raw sug­ar in 2004 was Imperial Sugar Company LLP (Great Britain).2

Nicholas Warshaw

Nicholas Anthony Beresford Warshaw (“Warshaw”) is a British nation­al. He was born on 15th December 1955. According to UK elec­toral roll, he has resided at the fol­low­ing address since 2001:

20 Applegarth Road London

W14 0HY

His wife Sylvie née Lopfroy is a French nation­al. They have two chil­dren, Sebastien and Luca, also list­ed by a com­mer­cial infor­ma­tion data­base as resid­ing at this address.

Warshaw acts as a fidu­cia­ry agent for a num­ber of UK-reg­is­tered com­pa­nies but is also involved in real estate invest­ment com­pa­nies in France.

The French cor­po­rate reg­is­ter lists Warshaw as a direc­tor of Swire Investments France (422191528), a real estate man­age­ment com­pa­ny reg­is­tered in Paris on 10th March 1999.

According to the UK Companies House, Warshaw’s cur­rent direc­tor­ships in the UK are:

1. Kensington Europe Limited (03560748)02/01/2001
2. Ls Business Services Limited (04136291)05/01/2001
3. Groupwise Limited (04158084)12/02/2001
4. Danubia IP Services Limited (03053318)30/04/2001
5. Unlimited Partners Limited (02973853)10/10/2002
6. Sterndale Limited (04707795)23/03/2003
7. Leola Business Services Limited (02127658)31/01/2005
8. Chigwell Trading Limited (05458464)20/05/2005
9. Zonkia Limited (06595451)07/07/2008
10. AN.FE. Limited (06131835)22/09/2008
11. Dewhurst Trading Limited (06546611)22/09/2008
12. Promise Investments Limited (06546515)22/09/2008
13. Reedham Trading Limited (06406861)22/09/2008
14. Sanderstead Limited (06406871)22/09/2008
15. Theydon Investments Limited (06546538)22/09/2008
16. Darford Trading Limited (06784954)07/01/2009
17. Sommet Limited (07036749)07/10/2009
18. Wapping Trading Limited (05525664)02/09/2010
19. Dalston Associates Limited (03386503)22/09/2010
20. Orly Investments Limited (05241225)22/09/2010
21. Hendon Limited (05448103)23/09/2010
22. Est Management (UK) Limited (07591770)05/04/2011
23. Trafficcare Holding Limited (08091103)31/05/2012
24. C2 Health Limited (08407965)18/02/2013

Warshaw’s for­mer direc­tor­ships list­ed are:

Company Appointment

1. Leola Business Services Limited (02127658) pre 05/12/1991 to 31/12/1994 2. Interfax Europe Limited (02709330) 25/01/1993 to 25/06/1993

3. Extremes (UK) Limited (03340803) 26/03/1997 to 21/08/1998 4. Global Market Research Limited (03377022) 28/05/1997 to 01/02/2001 5. Financial Tradeware Limited (03484416) 16/12/1997 to 13/10/1999

6. Swain Investments Limited (03560755) 08/06/1998 to 01/01/2001

7. Ecole Française de Londres

Jacques Prevert Ltd (01138995) 01/10/1999 to 03/04/2003 8. Overbreak Europe Limited (04183094) 25/06/2002 to 23/09/2002

9. Global Strategic Advisers Limited (04296408) 30/10/2006 to 31/03/2011 10. Sorma Europe Limited (06432305) 22/09/2008 to 23/09/2010

11. Sustain Sky Limited (06506006) 22/09/2008 to 01/02/2009

12. European Strategic Advisers Limited (05513147) 27/10/2008 to 21/01/2009 13. Ongar Limited (06784998) 07/01/2009 to 01/10/2012 14. Zw Investments Limited (07010099) 04/09/2009 to 04/09/2009

  1. Focus Commodity

Equipment & Services Limited (07033434) 29/09/2009 to 29/10/2009

  1. Newington Real Estate

Investments Limited (07080460) 18/11/2009 to 18/11/2009 17. Wadecreek Investment Limited (07164840) 22/02/2010 to 22/02/2010 18. Blowerryl Metal Limited (07221583) 13/04/2010 to 13/04/2010 19. Metal World & Investment Limited (07221589) 13/04/2010 to 13/04/2010

  1. Picadilly Metal & Iron

Investment Limited (07233390) 23/04/2010 to 23/04/2010

  1. Regent Tower Investments Limited (07233364) 23/04/2010 to 23/04/2010
  2. Worldwide Iron Investments Limited (07236301) 27/04/2010 to 27/04/2010
  3. Worldwide Metal Investments Limited (07236281) 27/04/2010 to 27/04/2010 24. Millcorp Limited (07317068) 16/07/2010 to 16/07/2010

25. Kimpact Limited (05448114) 02/09/2010 to 19/03/2011

26. Scudo Limited (05966720) 02/09/2010 to 16/11/2011

27. Vasco Commodities Trading Limited (07437320) 11/11/2010 to 11/11/2010 28. Pegassus Securities Limited (02997297) 01/12/1994 to 31/12/1994 29. Optiva Securities Limited (03068464) 14/06/1995 to 23/10/1995 30. Aquarange Limited (02477498) 15/02/1993 to 10/02/1998 31. Steana Investments Limited3 (02819237) 14/12/1993 to 31/12/1994 32. Elphin Limited4 (02893241) 31/01/1994 to 15/10/1994

33. Russian Enterprise House

Group Limited5 (02893333) 01/02/1994 to 21/02/1995 34. Norwick Europe Limited6 (02226665) 04/02/1994 to 31/12/1994

3 Dissolved: 14/01/2003.

4 Dissolved: 17/06/1997.

5 Dissolved: 08/08/1995.

35. Transcargo Limited7 (02910507) 15/03/1994 to 31/12/1994 36. Bry Investments Limited8 (02893236) 05/07/1994 to 13/09/1994

Sylvie Warshaw holds the fol­low­ing UK appoint­ments as the Secretary of:

Company Appointment

Kensington Europe Limited 22/12/2000

LS Business Services Limited 05/01/2001

Extremes (UK) Limited 26/03/1997 to 21/08/1998

Hobart Trading Limited 06/12/2000 to 15/12/2000