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Bloody Nazarbayev prosecutor. How did Askhat Daulbaev become fabulously rich?

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Askhat Kayzullaevich Daulbaev  (Kazakh Asgat Kayzollaұly Dauylbaev) (11/22/1962, Aktobe, Kazakh SSR) – Kazakh statesman, member of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan (since 2016). 

Previously, at various times, he worked as the Attorney General (2011-16); Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2001-11); Vice President of Kazakhtelecom OJSC (1999); Vice Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Qualification Collegium of Justice (1997-99).

Graduated from the Sverdlovsk Law Institute named after V.I. Rudenko (graduated in 1987; Faculty of Law and Prosecution). Married, has three sons.

On Sunday evening, September 29, 2019, the Khabar TV channel aired a curious  talk show  called Ablyazov. Thief Ideology ”. In our estimation, this is a historic event in every sense, which certainly deserves comment.

Let us explain why we think so.

First, an attempt has been made, albeit a curve, to publicly understand the phenomenon of Mukhtar Ablyazov.

Secondly, the very fact that the country’s main television channel devoted a special edition to Mukhtar Ablyazov, with a total duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes, indicates that the latter has become a real subject of the internal political process in the country.

Thirdly, from a propaganda point of view, the talk show format is much more effective than just the statements of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other departments on the topic of Ablyazov and DCK-2, which means that the authorities began to realize the limitations of their administrative tools in the information sphere.

We will not analyze what the talk show participants said, evaluate their words in terms of compliance with the facts, and also guess the reasons why certain persons said something or, on the contrary, hushed up, and often openly lied. It will take too much time, effort, and too much paperwork to support our observations. Therefore, we will confine ourselves to fixing that the main political enemy of Nursultan Nazarbayev for the first time received such a big political show in his homeland.

Well, and the fact is that the talk show “Ablyazov. Ideology of a thief “was not so much” talk “as” show “, we have no doubts. After spending almost an hour and a half watching it (simultaneously recording what was said by the participants), we came to the conclusion that it took place according to a pre-written script, and all its participants can be conditionally divided into three groups: “Attackers”, “Neutrals” and “Victims”.

Former Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askhat Daulbaev , senior partner of the Ilyashev & Partners law firm Roman  Marchenko  and a certain Matthew Schwartz, a US lawyer working there for BTA Bank JSC , acted as the “Attackers  “.

Rakhim Oshakbaev , director of the Talap Center for Applied Research , Aibek Sidikov , a psychologist,     and Marat Bashimov , director of the Expert Institute of European Law and Human Rights  , were involved in the role of ”  Neutrals” .

As for the “Victims” group, it was the largest in composition and consisted of two subgroups. The first was formed by those who in the past worked with Ablyazov at BTA Bank JSC and then were brought to criminal responsibility together with him: Zhaksylyk Zharimbetov, Saduakas  Mameshtegi    and Zaure Zhunusova. The second – those who supported DCK-2, but then repented: Aset  Nurzhaubai  and Muslim Nukenov.

Each talk show participant from the three above-mentioned groups played a role assigned to them according to the script. We will not undertake to assess their acting skills, we will only note that the worst thing happened with Zaure Zhusupova, who did not say anything significant, plus the connection with her via Skype turned out to be disgusting. Roman Marchenko looked the most relaxed.

Note also that if Rakhim Oshakbayev was really sincere in his statements, it means that people of his generation know and remember little about the turbulent internal political events that began in the country in autumn 2001 with the creation of the “Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan”. As well as the real reasons why Ablyazov was first sentenced to six years in prison in 2002, and then pardoned by Nazarbayev in 2003, and the history of their confrontation, in which the state capture of BTA Bank JSC was important, but not key point.

The main omission of the talk show organizers, in our opinion, was the absence in the script of the role of the defender Mukhtar Ablyazov, who would provoke the “Forwards”, activate the “Neutrals” and sympathize with the “Victims”. Or, on the contrary, I would reproach them for instability, thereby providing the required emotional pumping of the audience. In Russia, such “scapegoats” are always involved in such talk shows. It is they who are attacked in front of television cameras, they are called names and humiliated, but nevertheless they are always in action.

Among other omissions, it should be noted that the speakers from the group, which we tentatively called the “Attackers”, called different amounts of “damage” caused by Mukhtar Ablyazov and members of his “organized criminal group”, as well as money “stolen” by them from BTA Bank JSC … Meanwhile, to create a high-quality legend, and in this case, this is the goal pursued by the Kazakh authorities, it is required to limit ourselves to one figure. After all, the simpler and clearer the legend, the more intelligible it is. Several different numbers in the same topic involuntarily make people doubt the veracity of what was said.

Another mistake, not by the authors of the talk show script, but by its participant in the person of Roman Marchenko, concerns the assessment of France’s actions.

During the discussion of the reasons why Mukhtar Ablyazov, whose decision to extradite to Russia passed all the necessary judicial instances and had already been approved by the Minister of Justice of France, was nevertheless then canceled by the State Council of France, the senior partner of the law firm “Ilyashev and Partners” is very transparent, in our opinion, he hinted that this may have been the result of … corruption. At least we heard it this way and, I think, not only we. Something tells us that if they find out about it in France, then the attitude of state structures and officials of this country towards BTA Bank JSC and Kazakhstan is unlikely to improve.

In conclusion, we note that representatives of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as Ms. Elena Bakhmutova, who from 2004 to 2011 worked at the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Regulation and Supervision of Financial Market and Financial Organizations, did not take part in the talk show dedicated to Ablyazov, first as Deputy Chairman, and then the head of the department, although, judging by the presenters’ remarks, they were invited. We do not know the reasons for their refusal, but it is not difficult to guess about them – apparently, the presidential administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan did not find convincing words to force them to present themselves as clowns.

As for the key speaker in this show, the former Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askhat Daulbaev, then, according to insiders, he also did not want to participate, but was forced to agree.

The fact is that after the publication on our portal of a resonant material  about the Daulbaev case and the BTA money , which (according to informed persons) was widely discussed in certain circles, his son,  businessman  Rakhat Darmesh, started having problems. And if earlier he resolved all emerging issues with representatives of the country’s law enforcement agencies at the expense of his father’s name, now they allegedly began to demand payment from him for services.

According to our insiders, Askhat Daulbaev was so annoyed by this circumstance, as well as by the fact that some law enforcement agencies suddenly “remembered” the testimony given by Ulugbek Maksatbekuulu as part of the investigation of money theft from BTA Bank JSC, that he loudly promised to put everyone behind bars , who had a hand in the “exposure” of the story about his offspring.

The angry father even tried to get an appointment with the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to complain about his offenders and get protection from him. However, I got a turn from the gate. However, they promised to help him go to the Elbasy, but in return he was obliged to take part in such an important political event as a talk show dedicated to Ablyazov.

It is worth noting that the former Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan was not up to par. First, he, having declared that the crimes incriminated to Mukhtar Ablyazov, are among the five most significant crimes in terms of damage caused in the entire history of mankind, he could not name these last by name. And, secondly, I was seriously mistaken, saying that $ 7.5 billion in losses of BTA Bank JSC corresponds to 10% of the country’s GDP. It looks like the scriptwriters and organizers of the show failed to prepare it properly.

P. S. At the end of last week, another high-profile talk show about the “crimes” of Mukhtar Ablyazov took place on “Khabar”, this time with the participation of the “killer” Muratkhan Tokmadi, who communicated with the leaders from the walls of the colony where he is serving his sentence. Well, what can I say to that? The Show Must Go On.  

Thus, the composition of the group, which both previously and now have a direct and indirect relationship to the “development” of funds previously withdrawn from “BTA Bank” and lending by them to individuals and legal entities, as well as “cover” raiders is as follows:
1. Askhat Daulbaev, former Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the so-called political “roof”)
2. Ulukbek Maksatbekuulu (former assistant to the Prosecutor General Askhat Daulbaev, worked for Visor, sentenced to 10 years in prison)
3. Jamila Maksatbek-Sarsenbaeva (former employee companies “Visor” and “BTA Bank”, the wife of the convict Maksatbekuulu)
4. Erol Sisanovic (foreign citizen, businessman, formerly associated with the organized criminal group “Four Brothers”)
5. Anuar Ushbaev (Managing Director of Tengri Capital, acquired a stake in Visor, an active participant and organizer of raids against the Kulbaev family, is associated with Galim Khusainov, Chairman of the Board of BCC).
6. Akbar Tulegenov (the first head of TR Energy LLP, business partner of Anuar Ushbaeva, is involved in the acquisition of a stake in Visor, the guarantor for the loan from the son of the Attorney General Rakhat Darmesh, oversees the group’s relationship with law enforcement agencies).
7. Rakhat Darmesh (son of the former Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “cashier” of the group, contacts high-ranking representatives of law enforcement agencies in order to protect and represent the interests of the community).
8. Other individuals carrying out orders from the core of the group (businessman maintaining ties with criminals, Erbol Tokkozhin and others) (Source and commentary to him: ).

2.  11.11.2019.  BCC “drowns” in compromising evidence.

Prosecutors intervene in BCC scandal

Our latest publication about the conflict between entrepreneur Bekzhan Kulbaev and a group of “friends” headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and co-owner of Bank CenterCredit JSC Baknytbek Baiseitov, as well as the Chairman of the Bank’s Management Board, Galim Khusainov, caused a great resonance. confusion among those familiar with the story and its implications. This, among other things, is quite clear from the comments to the article.

Let me cite some of the most interesting and informative ones. Here they are; we present them without editorial changes, but have been divided into paragraphs to make them easier to read … 

For example, the raiders repeatedly contacted Rakhat Darmesh, the son of the former Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan, so that his influential father would help them in considering civil and criminal cases brought against the Kulbaevs. Rumor has it that at their request, the police tried to unofficially put pressure on the family and friends of the Kulbaevs. The appearance of lobbyists in history is also a clear sign of raiding. 

Ostap Bender, who knew how to take possession of other people’s money in various ways, but did not have such powerful benefactors, in comparison with him, seems like a failure. And the simple truth lies in the usual concealment of the facts of transferring the proceeds of Bank CenterCredit to the personal account of Rakhat Darmesh, the son of the ex-Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan, who provided the raiders with $ 4.3 million and earned more than 206 million tenge over a two-month period. (Source: ).

3.  06.01.2015.  Why “dacha” on Palme in Ulukbek Maksatbekuulu?

Not so long ago, we told our readers about how private corporate lawyers, on instructions from Kazakhstan, manage the security forces from Russia. But as it turns out, the scheme also works in the opposite direction. The Russians also quite effectively keep the “prosecutors” from Kazakhstan under their control.

Very interesting documents were sent to the editorial office of Respublika the other day. So curious that we considered it our journalistic and civic duty to make them public. Moreover, a campaign to combat corruption is in full swing in Kazakhstan, and President Nursultan Nazarbayev urged civil servants not to get involved in recreation abroad. Well, gentlemen officials do not want to listen to the valuable instructions of the “leader of the nation”, and as a result, such stories come to light …

The man who did not become Prosyankin

May 6, 2012. Five people were elected to the Board of BTA Bank at once. One of them is Pavel Prosyankin, who served as the bank’s managing director. “Number two” on this list is Maksatbekuulu Ulukbek, also a managing director. (Photo taken from the page  – judging by his friends and wife, this is exactly the hero of our story, but maybe we’re wrong?).

However, less than six months later, on November 23, Ulukbek “suddenly” left BTA Bank for the sake of civil service. As it turns out now, this resignation was the result of the failure of a whole combination, the purpose of which was to lead Maksatbekuulu Ulukbek to manage the asset portfolio – the most tasty morsel of BTA, for the sake of which crowds of all kinds rushed to Akorda’s help in removing the Kazakh opposition politician and banker Mukhtar Ablyazov from the political field consultants.

“Ulukbek was supposed to become Prosyankin,” Ablyazov’s son-in-law Ilyas Khrapunov, who is investigating the  history of the theft of BTA Bank after it was seized by the state in 2009, told us  . ” (see interview with Ilyas Khrapunov:  “How the tail wags the dog” ,  “How the tail wags the dog – 2” ,  “How the tail wags the dog – 3” )

“He was quickly climbing up the corporate ladder in the bank and it was assumed that he was about to be given the authority to manage the portfolio of“ problem assets, ”Ilyas explained. “Problematic assets of BTA” were then called, according to him, large projects that were financed by BTA before its seizure. When they entered the bank, they hoped to immediately begin partitioning them, and when the operation failed, they raised a cry of “problems.”

The reason for the rapid “rise” of Maksatbekuulu Ulukbek was “family circumstances”. His wife Jamilya Maksatbek-Sarsenbaeva worked at one time in the company “Visor”, from where she later brought her husband to the team of “new managers” of BTA. But Ulukbek, who was confidently striding upward, did not succeed in displacing Pavel Prosyankin from the position of the main manager of the “problem assets”. And then he becomes assistant prosecutor Askhat Daulbaev.

From that moment in the life and material condition of Ulukbek began, judging by the words of Ilyas Khrapunov, a bright streak. An assistant prosecutor is not just a civil servant, it is a special caste. People, as they say, with opportunities. The life of the newly minted civil servant was so successful that he soon acquired real estate, obligatory for any self-respecting law enforcement officer, on Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island in the Persian Gulf.

Life on the Palm

This very Palma has long turned into a surrogate for “Lazurka” – the Mediterranean coast in the South of France.

They do not ask questions about the origin of money, and this circumstance, like a magnet, attracts here “civil servants” from different volosts of the former USSR. Here they acquire “summer cottages”, which very soon turn into their main residence. And all this against the backdrop of loud and patriotic statements. The stability of the Nazarbayev government is not of state importance for them – after all, it is it that ensures a constant flow of cash from the “civil service”.

Maksatbekuulu Ulukbek chose a suitable place for “dacha”. Do not be ashamed to show your colleagues. In various guidebooks, its location is called the best in Dubai and even the eighth wonder of the world.

Oceana Residence is called a complex on the shore of an artificial island. “Here you can enjoy the sun and forget about the house” – this is how the owners of the future guests orientate. This is exactly what many of Kazakhstan’s civil servants need. Oceana Residence is a hotel type apartment. Here you can just relax (the cost of one night starts with three-digit numbers), or you can gain a foothold by purchasing housing. Maksatbekuulu Ulukbek is a serious person. He chose the second option. This is at least evidenced by the hot water bill, which we publish as proof of the seriousness of the civil servant’s intentions. Services were paid for the period from March to June 2014.

How much did the housing issue cost for a civil servant? The price tag for “ocean apartments” starts at 5 million dirhams, that is, from one and a half million US dollars.

With all our respect for Ulukbek’s ability to receive “dividends” from the civil service, we still doubted that they could be so high for the purchase and maintenance of apartments on Palma.

Loyal friends from Rosinterbank

And the editorial office also had an invoice to pay for consultations to prepare Ulukbek for passing test exams for studying at a business school. In principle, this business is, of course, useful. Even for a civil servant. As part of the so-called advanced training.

The total bill for “consultations” was 10 thousand dollars – a trifle against the background of millions of dollars in spending on the settlement on Palma. But Ulukbek himself apparently does not think so. Therefore, the bill for the ten thousandth trifle of a Kazakhstani civil servant was entrusted to be paid to completely different people.

And at this stage, the culmination of the whole story awaits us. The bill is paid by … Andrei Pavlov, who appeared in the case of Sergei Magnitsky (photo  (below ) taken from his Facebook page, though not updated since 2013, but there are posts about the connection with Kazakhstan).

And the payment itself comes from the accounts of Rosinterbank – a credit institution with a long and difficult history.

Created back in 1990 with the participation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RSFSR, in 2010 the bank began a “new history” (as determined from the website of the credit institution). “It is not a big secret in the Russian financial world that the bank has become a new banking platform for the business of Dmitry Klyuev and his partners. – said Ilyas Khrapunov. – Those who were included in the Magnitsky list. We will remind that the employees of the tax inspectorate, who participated in the weaning of business from Browder, were also later seen on Palma. So the situation repeats itself. But, alas, not at all in the form of a farce. “

To summarize the situation: a civil servant, a law enforcement officer in Kazakhstan is supported by “businessmen” from Russia, who pay his bills even for relatively insignificant amounts. It is unlikely that they do this out of disinterested motives. It is obvious that in this way the agreements on work with the assets of BTA are being fulfilled. A well-known kind of arrangement. But regardless of the degree of corruption of these ties, they actually put under the control of a Kazakh state official – an assistant prosecutor – a senior civil servant.

I wonder if the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Askhat Daulbaev knows about the “friends” of his “faithful” assistant ?!

(Source: ).

4.  04.04.2019.  Who are they – the new owners of the KazMunayGas filling station network.

As already reported on April 1, 2019, Petro-retail LLP became the buyer of KMG-Retail LLP, a company that owns the republican network of gas stations under the KazMunayGas brand. The transaction amount is 60.5 billion tenge ($ 163.3 million at the exchange rate at the time of sale).

It is noteworthy that Petro-retail was created just 12 days before the auction for the sale of the filling station network – October 31, 2018. The founders of the company are Prime case LLP, East Trade Solutions LLP, Bakyt Sagintayeva and Rufat Khojalakov. learned about this from the company’s registration documents, available on the website of the electronic government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Prime case LLP is registered with Head Company LLP and Daniyar Abulgazin (No. 19 in the rating of the richest and No. 22 in the rating of the most influential businessmen of Forbes Kazakhstan).

The founder of Head Company LLP is Baurzhan Toybazarov, who in different years served as the first deputy chairman of the State Property and Privatization Committee of the Ministry of Finance, was a member of the expert council for the development and protection of competition in the oil products market under the antimonopoly agency, was a member of the Presidium of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan from associations Kazenergy.

Bakyt Sagintayeva, according to the list of affiliates of Samruk-Kazyna, is the daughter of Altynbek Umbetov, a member of the supervisory board of RTI-ANPZ LLP and ex-chairman of the board of Atameken Holding. In addition, it owns stakes in Premium Holding LLP, Nafta Alliance LLP engaged in trade, and SilkWayEnergy LLP (electricity sales).

Rufat Khojalakov is the chairman of the Weightlifting Federation of the Atyrau region. Over the years, he was the head of Petroleum Operating LLP, a member of the board and deputy general director for marketing of Atyrau Refinery LLP, the head of KazMunayGas – Refining and Marketing.

The founders of East Trade Solutions LLP are David Sayadyants and Rakhat Darmesh. (Source: ).

5.  16.06.2011.  Rakhat Aliyev was accused in absentia of the murder of top managers of Nurbank.

The former son-in-law of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev was charged with the murder of the top managers of Nurbank – Zholdas Timraliev and Aybar Khasenov. This statement was made by the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Askhat Daulbaev, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports.

According to the Prosecutor General, his department conducted more than 20 examinations in the case, interrogated more than 30 witnesses. These and other evidence obtained irrefutably prove the fact of the murder of Timraliev and Khasenov by Aliyev and people close to him, Daulbaev noted. 

The Prosecutor General said that Aliyev and other criminals involved in the murder of the bankers were put on the international wanted list. Askhat Daulbaev reported to the head of state on the results of the investigation of criminal cases into the murder of top managers of Nurbank. 

In 2008, Rakhat Aliyev was convicted in Kazakhstan for a number of grave crimes. In particular, he was accused of treason, preparation of a coup, kidnapping (Timraliev and Khasenov, whose bodies were found only on May 13, 2011). 

The court verdicts were passed in absentia, since Aliyev has been hiding in Austria since the spring of 2007, the government of which refuses to extradite him to the Kazakh side (Source: ).

6.  11.15.2012.  The rape case splits the Attorney General’s Office. 

Even Prosecutor General Askhat Daulbaev was powerless against Murat Suyundikov. After the  publication of the  story about the rape of the daughter of a high-ranking official of the General Prosecutor’s Office, who headed the investigation team on the mass murder of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the KNB by the “Taraz Rambo” Maksat Kariev, a seemingly sensational climax took place: both accused of a serious crime were arrested a year and a half after the start of the investigation. …

The son of the main landscaper who released pheasants from Nureke?

It would seem that the father of the girl who was bullied on that terrible night in Astana, when two malefactors brought her to an apartment on Zhubanov Street, where they raped and beat her all night long, can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Indeed, the family of the senior assistant to the prosecutor general has gone through a lot of difficult minutes over these one and a half years, forced to disentangle the consequences of a personal drama that has become a real tragedy. Fuel was constantly added to the fire by the fact that both accused of such a grave crime had been at large all this time under recognizance not to leave. This is nonsense! Moreover, one of them turned out to be a hardened criminal, previously convicted three times for robbery, robbery and possession, carrying and selling firearms. However, the Prosecutor General’s Office, and then the court, for some reason, initially chose the tactics of rendering “honors” to the two gang-rape accomplices, unceremoniously firing the head of the investigation team on the murderer Kariev in the midst of a responsible investigation of terrorism under the pretext of “retirement”. By the way, according to the father of the injured girl, most of all in the Prosecutor General’s Office they were worried not so much from shielding the criminal element and his patron friend accused of a dirty crime, but from the statement of the fact that he was “kicked” from work during the investigation of a case of state importance ! In order not to interfere with the prosecutor’s “roof” of the defendants from pulling the “pranksters” out of the swamp, into which they themselves pulled themselves. unceremoniously, under the pretext of “retirement,” firing the head of the investigative team on the murderer Kariev in the midst of a responsible terrorism investigation. By the way, according to the father of the injured girl, most of all in the Prosecutor General’s Office they were worried not so much from shielding the criminal element and his patron friend accused of a dirty crime, but from the statement of the fact that he was “kicked” from work during the investigation of a case of state importance ! In order not to interfere with the prosecutor’s “roof” of the defendants from pulling the “pranksters” out of the swamp into which they pulled themselves. unceremoniously, under the pretext of “retirement,” firing the head of the investigative team on the murderer Kariev in the midst of a responsible terrorism investigation. By the way, according to the father of the injured girl, most of all in the Prosecutor General’s Office they were worried not so much from shielding the criminal element and his patron friend accused of a dirty crime, but from the statement of the fact that he was “kicked” from work during the investigation of a case of state importance ! In order not to interfere with the prosecutor’s “roof” of the defendants from pulling the “pranksters” out of the swamp into which they pulled themselves. accused of a dirty crime, how many from the statement of the fact that he was “kicked” from work during the investigation of a case of state importance! In order not to interfere with the prosecutor’s “roof” of the defendants from pulling the “pranksters” out of the swamp into which they pulled themselves. accused of a dirty crime, how many from the statement of the fact that he was “kicked” from work during the investigation of a case of state importance! In order not to interfere with the prosecutor’s “roof” of the defendants from pulling the “pranksters” out of the swamp into which they pulled themselves.

So, according to the documents obtained by our media site, a recidivist criminal who was accused and then tried for the rape of the daughter of a high-ranking police officer was a  particularly dangerous criminal, Murat Tusupov.  In court, this case was clouded over, and then, with the light hand of the  servant of Themis from the Saryarka district court of Astana, Galina Bylkilova was  sent for additional investigation. The second accused in this scandalous episode was comrade Tusupov, an unemployed “burner of life” and, apparently, of his father’s money,  Suyundikov Murat Zhumataevich . According to the statement of the injured party, Murat Suyundikov is the son of the  general director of the RSE “Zhasyl Aimak” of the Forestry and Hunting Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture Suyundikov Zhumatay Otarbaevich.

However, the RGP treats the committee and the ministry rather purely nominally, being more of an independent state structure with its own territory and dozens of pieces of equipment, where colossal budget funds are pumped into the greening of the main brainchild of independent Kazakhstan – the blooming and smelling Astana. Together with the  head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev,  Zhumatay Otarbayevich took part in the opening of the green belt of the capital on the eve of the celebration of the next birthday of Elbasy in July this year, where he launched pheasants with the president of the country so that wealthy residents of the capital could always hunt without leaving home.

However, the injured party is far from thinking that the president could have known that for more than a year the son of the general director of the Zhasyl Aimak RSE, unemployed Murat, was accused and then defendant in a serious criminal offense. He also did not know the Elbasy, and he could not have known, of course, that a close friend of Suyundikov Jr. is a particularly dangerous mayor, who had been sentenced to 21 years in prison in his entire life.

Now many are perplexed and make round eyes also from the extremely fantastic circumstance that during the indicated period of the investigation, and then the trial against him, Murat Suyundikov did not hesitate to get a job in the Saryarka regional akimat of Astana, however, in a rather modest position – just a freelance employee … But after all, someone assisted in the fact that a person accused of a grave crime gets a job in the civil service and goes to work at the akimat, probably in between interrogations and court sessions, where a hardened criminal element passes as his accomplice. What can you do here, but we ought to stop being surprised?

Adding color to the situation is the fact that from the certificate we received from the committee on legal statistics and special records of the General Prosecutor’s Office it follows: Murat Suyundikov was already involved in 2009 for “hooliganism”, again in a group of persons. That is, a criminal case was initiated, but then terminated. And now the bodies of the financial police, in particular the DBEKP of Astana, are investigating a criminal case against the employees of the akimat of the Saryarka district for the sale of land plots for the purpose of illegal enrichment. They say that the “son” Suyundikov was a defendant there, however, even that time the case against him was allegedly demanded by the General Prosecutor’s Office, after which it was closed. To confirm the latest information, we went with a request to the  head of the DBECP of Astana, Erbolat Balgabaev… By the way, in addition to him, they also addressed an official letter to the general director of the RSE Zhasyl Aimak, that is, to the main landscaping plant of Astana Zhumatay Suyundikov, whose son, according to the testimony of the injured party, is being held in such a scandalous criminal case in a company, presumably, with a friend of the family, Murat Tusupov.

We also sent a request to Judge Galina Bylkilova, whom some enthusiasts from the new Internet site, after our publication, have already added to the “black list” of government officials subject to immediate lustration in the event of a change of power in Kazakhstan. But we think that the ideologists of reprisals against the most zealous executors of the “laws of power” operating these days will have to sweat with Balkilova. Galina Dmitrievna’s husband, Galit Bylkilov  , comes from the main transport prosecutor’s office in Astana, while his  cousin  Mazhit Bylkilov has  now gone up the hill: after all the scandals and troubles in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he was appointed head of the investigation department of the ABECP RK, in other words, the chief investigator of the financial police.

Daulbaev was furious and shouted: “Arrest them!”

And now we come to the most interesting thing: who protects and blows off the dust particles from Murat Suyundikov in the Prosecutor General’s Office of the republic? For with all due respect to Zhumatay Otarbayevich, who for many years has been sitting on a money bag from budgetary infusions, it is not possible to believe that a native of the Korgalzhinsky district of Akmola region is able to resist the pressure of the raped girl’s angry relatives alone.

And here’s such a mind-blowing example. After the release of our last publication, the Prosecutor General’s Office fidgeted a lot. The indicator was that the father of the raped girl was urgently summoned to his audience by Prosecutor General Askhat Daulbaev, although until that moment the dismissed employee of the GP could not get through to Daulbaev three times. And then Askhat Kaisullaevich himself condescended and accepted. True, for some reason he chided his father for appealing to the media. However, he immediately began to give the harshest and most decisive instructions right in the presence of his grief-stricken parent about the arrest of Suyundikov and Tusupov, who had been walking around freely for a year and a half and openly laughed at their victim. Askhat Kayzullaevich referred to the fact that he was not aware of not only such a hasty replacement and retirement of a leading employee during the investigation of the mass death of secret service workers in Taraz, but also did not know that the daughter of his senior assistant had been kidnapped and raped. Moreover, representatives of the so-called “golden youth” are accused of this. If the bandit Tusupov is in the wings of Suyundikov, it is generally appropriate to call him “golden”.

But what was the surprise of the injured girl’s father, who knew the duplicity and hypocrisy of his colleagues in the Prosecutor General’s Office, when Murat Suyundikov was indeed taken into custody, and then went in search of Tusupov, who was hiding somewhere in Astana. But he was also found and arrested the very next day after Suyundikov’s arrest. And like we should have exclaimed “Bravo!” to Askhat Daulbaev, who managed to commit a real act. However, an even more mysterious and so far inexplicable incident happened, which temporarily silences the fanfare against Daulbaev and starts talking seriously about a big internal corporate scandal in the SOE.

A few days later, Murat Suyundikov, despite Daulbaev’s order, was still released, while only one “sidekick” Tusupov remained behind bars. It seems that the top officials decided to finally write off and get rid of this criminal ballast, deciding to “load” Tusupov in full in the case of the rape of the special prosecutor’s daughter. Indeed, no one will feel sorry for him, because by the age of 21, another 10 years may be added. But this is how it will look in practice and whether Suyundikov will be able to avoid criminal liability by dumping all the blame on Tusupov, if he has planned such a thing is a very big question. At least, it will be interesting to see how one accused of rape “knocks down” and “drains” an accomplice, and the other answers him in the same way, and what the hell is not joking, revealing the secrets of the Suyundikov family.

But the point here is that no matter how rich and permanent leader Zhumatay Suyundikov, who manages the entire “green economy” of Astana, according to the victims’ assurances, he would not have succeeded General Prosecutor’s Office. And this matchmaker, they say, like Zhumatay Otarbayevich himself, enjoys the unconditional patronage of one Deputy Prosecutor General, who, according to the girl’s father, only covers the insides of a malicious violator of the laws with a jacket of the High Counselor of Justice. By the way, to the said deputy of Daulbaev, whom the relatives of the raped girl “sin” against, we also made an official request

If this is the case, then there is serious discord and conflict at the highest level of decision-making in the main oversight body of the country. The deputy does not obey the instructions of Daulbaev himself and does everything in spite of him. Either this is an obvious demonstration of the crisis of power in the Prosecutor General’s Office itself, or Askhat Kayzullaevich again deceived the father of the unfortunate girl and his former senior assistant, throwing dust in his eyes, but then secretly getting out of the blow of the accused of gang rape Murat Zhumatayevich Suyundikov. Whether this is so, our further investigation will show … (Source: ).

7.  18.01.2014.  In Kazakhstan, access to 596 websites promoting extremism and terrorism was closed.

In 2013, access to 596 destructive Internet resources promoting the ideas of terrorism and extremism was banned, the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Askhat Daulbaev said.

“The result of purposeful work to curb the spread of radical religious ideology was the termination of access to 596 destructive Internet resources propagating the ideas of terrorism and extremism by the decisions of the courts on the statements of prosecutors,” A. Daulbaev said at a meeting of the board of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana (Source:  https: / / ).

8.  16.12.2011.  Riots in Kazakhstan. There are killed and wounded.

The riot took place in the west of the country in the oil town of Zhanaozen. Pogroms and looting began in the private sector, where the houses of wealthy citizens are located

The riots took place in the west of Kazakhstan in the city of oil workers – Zhanaozen. The police opened fire. According to various sources, the victims were from 5 to 50 people. Among the dead there are three employees of the authorities. From several dozen to several hundred people were injured.

The city hall building and the hotel burned down. The fire damaged the office building of the Ozenmunaigas fuel company.

The clashes took place today at lunchtime on the central square, where a holiday dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence was to take place. For several months, dismissed oil workers who have not been paid their salaries have been demonstrating in the same square.

The head of the unregistered party “Alga” Vladimir Kozlov maintains contact with the protesters:

“About two thousand people, dismissed oil workers-strikers, they are standing on the square all the time. And somehow it was established on parity that they are there around the clock, the police seem to not go there. Today, all of a sudden, the authorities, violating parity, decided to hold a holiday on this square. The oil workers considered this a mockery. The oil workers just all stood on the square and drove this whole holiday out of their territory. They walked in a line, and the police retreated.

At that moment, some other group of people set fire to the Akimat – the local government office, set fire to the hotel, and set fire to the office building of Ozenmunaigas – this is an organization with which, in fact, they are dragging on litigation. The same group set fire to a police bus and a Christmas tree.

At first, the police bombarded the square with tear gas sabers, but the oilmen themselves did not leave here, and did not participate in anything. And then suddenly shooting began. That is, the police began to chase some people, young people, and shoot to kill. “

The General Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal case in connection with the riots in Zhanaozen. The head of the department Askhat Daulbaev said that according to preliminary data, 10 people became victims of the clashes.

Kazakhstani political scientist Nikolai Kuzmin believes that the protesters themselves are to blame for the riots:

“The strike of workers of the Ozenmunaigas company has been going on in Zhanaozen for several months. There were various forms of protest, the last thing they did was today, on a holiday, when, as I understand it, such a festive stage was created in the city, yurts, a group of strikers came there and destroyed it all. Naturally, the police tried to prevent this. The policemen who were in the vicinity, as I understood, were beaten, then reinforcements came, OMON men came, and partly the instigators and participants in this attack were detained.

The residents of the regional center, Aktau, came out in support of the oil workers. A hundred people gathered in the central square.

Riots are continuing in Zhanaozen itself. Shootings are heard. The city plunged into darkness. Electricity is cut off in the area of ​​the central square. The townspeople went out into the street to support the protesters. Oil production has been completely stopped in Zhanaozen.

More than a thousand people are reportedly involved in the riots. Pogroms and looting began in the private sector of the city, where the houses of wealthy citizens are located (Source: ).

9.  14.11.2017.  A major Kazakh civil servant owns a stake in a secret transport empire. 

For more than a decade, the transport holding company TTG Group, surrounded by a veil of secrets, has been a key rail carrier of Kazakhstani oil and gas. Such an enviable position of the company ensured a close and very profitable partnership with the largest hydrocarbon producer in the republic. But despite leading positions in its industry, the company manages to stay in the background. With multimillion-dollar turnover and profits, the names of its owners are still hidden behind an ever-growing network of offshore structures.

Meridian Capital did not respond to requests for comment. When OCCRP first approached KazMunayGas, company representatives denied any connection between Mynbayev and Meridian Capital.

However, after the publication a few days ago of the OCCRP investigation into the connection of the ex-oil minister with this offshore structure, Mynbayev himself admitted that he was its shareholder, but said that he indicated his share in tax returns and got rid of it “several years ago” (Source:  https : // ).

10.  23.02.2011. Interpol is looking for the Deputy Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan?

Interpol is looking for a citizen of Kazakhstan Askhat Daulbaev. Rakhat Aliyev claims that he is talking about the Deputy Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan. The prosecutor’s office itself denied the information.

The blog of the exiled former Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Austria and the former son-in-law of Kazakhstani President Rakhat Aliyev (he also appears on the Internet as the leader of the Alliance For Free Kazakhstan) on Tuesday, February 22, posted an appeal to the General Prosecutor of Kazakhstan Kairat Mami, heads of media and NGOs, as well as voters and citizens of Kazakhstan.

In his address, Rakhat Aliyev accuses Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev of corruption and in this respect compares him with the former presidents of Egypt and Tunisia. Rakhat Aliyev also informs about the search by Interpol of one of the Deputy Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan.

Rakhat Aliyev claims that “ranks and uniforms will not save corrupt officials.” According to Rakhat Aliyev, “Deputy Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan A. Daulbaev (an officer of the current reserve of the KNB of the Republic of Kazakhstan) has been put on the international wanted list through Interpol.”

“The Lebanese court has issued an international arrest warrant on the facts of fraud and forgery of documents,” writes Rakhat Aliyev.


The official website of Interpol indeed contains information about the international wanted list of 49-year-old Askhat Daulbaev from Kazakhstan for alleged fraud and forgery of documents.

The representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Kazakhstan, Zhandos Umiraliev, was surprised to hear information about the alleged search by Interpol of the Deputy Prosecutor General Askhat Daulbaev on an international warrant from the Lebanese court on charges of fraud and forgery of documents. According to him, this is a “pure misunderstanding” and this information “absolutely does not correspond to reality.”

“I just visited him, signed documents with him,” says Zhandos Umiraliev to our radio Azattyk.

A little later, as Zhandos Umiraliev says, he told Askhat Daulbaev himself about this information, to which the latter, they say, only laughed.

“He told me that only yesterday he returned from a business trip abroad and no one tried to detain or arrest him,” says Zhandos Umiraliev.

According to Zhandos Umiraliev, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Kazakhstan will send an official request to Lebanon in order to receive an explanation from there regarding the information posted on the Interpol website about the alleged international search for Askhat Daulbaev on the order of the Lebanese court.

Attempts by our radio Azattyk to contact the Deputy Prosecutor General Askhat Daulbaev himself through Zhandos Umiraliev were unsuccessful.

Kanat Dauymbaev, assistant to Askhat Daulbaev, having heard from the correspondent of our radio Azattyk information about the alleged international wanted by Interpol of Askhat Daulbaev, asked the correspondent to stay on the telephone line. After 20 seconds, he told our radio Azattyk that Askhat Daulbaev said that this was “false information.”

“Now he is clarifying everything on this issue,” says Kanat Dauymbaev to our radio Azattyk.

An employee of the Kazakhstan Bureau of Interpol, Merey Makulzhan, in a conversation with our radio Azattyk, at first replied that “most likely a namesake.”

“Kazakhstan has definitely not put him on the wanted list,” says Merey Makulzhan.

However, he still asked to call him back in half an hour so that he could make the necessary inquiries.

When, half an hour later, the correspondent of our radio Azattyk contacted Merey Makulzhan again, he replied that he was not authorized to comment (Source: ).

11.  28.06.2019.  BTA standards. How the struggle between the Kazakh security forces in the course of the proceedings over BTA Bank turned out sideways for one of the participants in the Magnitsky case.

“Around September 9-10, 2014, Maksatbekuulu U. turned to me by phone with a request to pay for his education in the amount of 10,000 US dollars, due to the fact that the latter was leaving for the UAE. We did not have a detailed discussion of this issue, but I did not deny him this. Taking into account my earnings, this amount is less sensitive for me than, as I thought, for Maksatbekuulu. At the same time, a refusal would definitely spoil our relations, and given the official position of Maksatbekuulu, this could damage my reputation and future activities both in the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan and among consultants who work with the Republic of Kazakhstan, ”lawyer Andrei Pavlov. 

Pavlov was not interested in investigators, only the necessary testimony was required from him. No criminal charges were brought against him. After the testimony was obtained, Pavlov was allowed to leave Kazakhstan. In turn, they demanded testimony from the Assistant Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan against the Deputy Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Andrei Kravchenko. And from that, apparently, they planned to obtain testimony against the Prosecutor General himself, the interlocutor of “Novaya” believes. In the end, only the assistant was convicted.

This version is also confirmed by people from Ablyazov’s entourage, with whom Novaya Gazeta spoke. According to them, after Ablyazov’s escape, Kazakhstan has invested huge sums in the pursuit of the fugitive banker around the world.

“Huge money was poured into BTA to recover assets, while there were no significant results. At some point, they began to look for the guilty ones, – the interlocutor believes. – The case should have included Deputy Prosecutor General Andrei Kravchenko (dismissed from office in 2017) and former Prosecutor General Askhat Daulbaev himself (_ removed from office in 2016), but they had patrons, so they made Maksatbekuulu and one more scapegoats Elena Molchanova, employee of the BTA Asset Recovery Department. “

Former Prosecutor General Daulbaev after his resignation got a seat in the State Council of Kazakhstan, his deputy Kravchenko works as a lawyer at the National Welfare Fund ( ). 

12.  09.25.2017.  Will they come for Daulbaev?

Moreover, the testimony of Ulugbek Maksatbekuuly is not so much about the embezzlement of funds by Prosecutor General Askhat Daulbaev and Deputy Prosecutor General Andrei Kravchenko, but about their abuse of their official position. Including through illegal and misappropriation of money of BTA Bank JSC, which was allegedly spent on legal prosecution of Mukhtar Ablyazov and his supporters around the world. And this is a gigantic amount of about half a billion dollars ( ).

13. Abduction of Ablyazov’s wife and daughter. The General Prosecutor’s Office of Kazakhstan is confident that Mukhtar Ablyazov is still in Italy. According to the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askhat Daulbaev, law enforcement agencies are conducting operational-search measures to establish the whereabouts of Ablyazov and other persons hiding in the country.

“Those persons who are hiding in European countries are now fully wanted by the law enforcement agencies of European states. And if we reveal their whereabouts, then all necessary measures are taken to arrest and extradite them to Kazakhstan, ”said Mr. Daulbaev. He noted that if the whereabouts of Ablyazov or other persons are found out, the Prosecutor General’s Office will take all measures to detain them and return them to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“In particular, just a few days ago, Alexander Pavlov, who is hiding from Kazakhstani justice because of the commission of a number of grave economic crimes and attempted terrorist acts on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was re-detained in Spain,” the Prosecutor General added ( / a11096 / ).

14.  15.09.2011.  The Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Askhat Daulbaev, in turn, generally characterized the Internet as a source of evil. “Only in the Russian segment there are hundreds of sites that call for extremism and terrorism. Today, in Kazakhstan, the prosecutor’s office is taking the toughest measures, and we were able to achieve the closure of dozens of sites, ”said Daulbaev. “The issue of control over social networks, over the Internet is a question of the future, states must jointly counteract this evil,” he added ( oxarakterizoval-internet-kak-istochnik-zla / ).

15. The perpetrators of the riots in Zhanaozen were found in Kazakhstan ( ).

16.  01/26/2012  Askhat Daulbaev’s direct speech on the detention of the organizers of the mass riots in Zhanaozen ( ).

17.  30.03.2012. The resignation of the Prosecutor General Askhat Daulbaev was demanded by civil activists in connection with the “terrorist attacks” on March 24.

The Attorney General to resign. We protest against the government’s ban on holding peaceful rallies throughout the country, against the reprisals against all striking workers for their rights and civil liberties. The message sent by the authorities in this statement on the prevention of terrorist acts practically suggests a ban on holding peaceful assemblies, rallies and protests in the near future. We DO NOT agree that society is forcibly turned into a frightened, silent and ready to slaughter majority ( ).

18.  10.07.2018.  Statement to a member of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan from Raikhan Amirbekova ( )

19.  12.10.2016.  Persecution of protesters against the Land Reform in Kazakhstan. Authorities have detained over 1,000 and arrested over 30 protesters against land reform.

… The day after the rally in Atyrau, the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Askhat Daulbaev was dismissed from his post. Zhakip Asanov was appointed in his place … (,presledovanie-uchastnikov-protestov-protiv-zemelnoj-reformy-v-kazahstane/ )

20. On 25 August, the Appeals Board of the Almaty City Court dismissed the complaint of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Alma-ata Info, Ramazan Yesergepov, against the ruling of the Medeu District Court to leave his claim without consideration. Let us remind you that R. Yesergepov filed a claim with the district court of Almaty, in which he asked the court to oblige the defendants to bring him a public apology and compensate material damage in the amount of 525 million tenge and moral damage in the amount of 66 million tenge. The claims were made in connection with the illegal detention of R. Yesergepov in a general regime colony for one day and the Supreme Court found guilty only of the head of the colony, and not the head of supervisory and law enforcement agencies. The respondents named 23 persons of the organization, including the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its former head Aslan Musin, The General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan and former prosecutors R. Tusupbekov and A. Daulbaev, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Departments of the National Security Committee in Almaty and Zhambyl region and others. N. Nazarbayev (

21.  09/18/2019.  About the Daulbaev case and the BTA money.

According to our sources, in the near future, clouds may seriously thicken over the formerly influential security officials: the former Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askhat Daulbaev and his deputy Andrei Kravchenko.

The fact is that the fact that Mukhtar Ablyazov is not only at large and, moreover, beyond the reach of Akorda, but also, being stationed in Paris, actively participates from there in the internal political process, greatly annoys the subvertical of power subordinate directly to the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In Kazakhstan, the standard form of implementing such irritation has long been the punishment of those who did not follow the instructions of the Elbasy to neutralize his political enemy.

In this case, the activity of Mr. Daulbaev’s opponents in power is facilitated by the fact that Ulugbek Maksatbekuulu, a former executive officer of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who later transferred as an “effective” top manager to BTA Bank JSC, allegedly gave previously exhaustive testimony against the former Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan and his deputy. »(For more details see the articles on the links They will come for Daulbaev, About the Maksatbekuulu case, The mystery of the trial of Maksatbekuulu, Norma BTA).

In turn, we have information that one company, very close to Bank CenterCredit JSC, acquired a firm from Askhat Daulbaev’s son, paying 4.5 million US dollars for it. At the same time, this legal entity was allegedly created with the money that the former Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan gave to his son and which, according to our insiders, he “earned” during the “sawing” of the funds of BTA Bank JSC intended for the “war” against Mukhtar Ablyazov. This money was once “legalized” through offshore companies controlled by the convicted Ulugbek Maksatbekuuly and his wife ( ).

22. Information about renting an apartment for Aydar Askhatovich Darmesh of Air Astana JSC ( % 26id% 3D3782809 + & cd = 1 & hl = ru & ct = clnk & gl = ua and % 26id% 3D3782809 + & cd = 1 & hl = ru & ct = clnk & gl = ua ).

T A B L I C A No. 1

Relatives and protege of Askhat Daulbaev

№п / пFULL NAMEDate of BirthRelation degreeOccupationChildren, family
1.Daulbaev Askhat Kaizullaevich22.11.1962PersonMember of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan (since 2016). Colonel of the current reserve of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, according to the information of Rakhat Aliyev. Previously, at various times, he worked as the Prosecutor General (2011-16); Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2001-11); Vice President of Kazakhtelecom OJSC (1999); Vice Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Qualification Collegium of Justice (1997-99); Head of the Department for Supervision of Legality in the Socio-Economic Sphere of the Prosecutor General’s Office (1994-97); Deputy Chairman of the Arbitration Court of the city of Almaty (1994); head of the department of the prosecutor’s office of the city of Almaty (1992-94); trainee, investigator, assistant, senior assistant to the Prosecutor of the Oktyabrsky District, Deputy Prosecutor of the Kalininsky and Oktyabrsky Districts of Almaty (1987-1992). Graduated from the Sverdlovsk Law Institute named after I. Rudenko (graduated from 1987; Faculty of Law and Prosecution).Father  Daulbaev Kaizu la  – was the head of KANTAR LLP (liquidated on February 25, 2020), founded at the end of 1997. At the same time the son became the vice-minister of the Ministry of Justice, before occupying the post skromnee.Mat  Daulbaev Kenzhe  (born 01/01/1929)
2.Darmesh Rakhat Askhatovich14.09.1985A sonAdvisor to the CEO and owner of a share in EAST TRADE SOLUTIONS LLP. Also owns shares in DSS PARTNERS LLP, A2A SERVICES LLP with a BRANCH in Astana, MEDEU DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICES LLP, LEVITATE LLP, IDM CONSTRUCTION LLP, CHEMICALSUPPLY & SERVICES LLP, KARABATAN GAS LLP SERVICES ”, LLP“ KALIUM PROCESSING COMPANY ”, LLP“ SENIM 2006 ”, LLP“ DOSSOR-SERVICE ”(managed in 2016-18), LLP“ KAZ KALIUM ”(KAZ KALIUM) and PRIVATE COMPANY“ SRPM RESOURCES LTD. ” (in the last two, the co-founder is the Cypriot offshore “SRPM RESOURCES LTD”). Founder and ex-head (in 2016) LLP “DD INVESTMENTS”. From 2018 to 2020, he owned shares in PETRORETAIL LLP (with 12 branches), PETRORETAIL PFS and GRAND ERA LLP. Business partner David Rubenovich Sayadyants – head and owner of shares in DSS PARTNERS LLP, EAST LLP TRADE SOLUTIONS,Wife  Darmesh Anar Kuspanovna  (11/16/1980) – works as a lawyer in “KMG Kashagan BV”, registered by FE “ANAR”, have a son and a daughter. Mother-in-law  Balzhanova Agibash Sattarovna  (31.12.1949). Wife’s brother  Balzhanov Bauyrzhan Kuspanovich(18.01.1974) – Director of the Procurement Department of JSC NC KazMunayGas. Previously, at various times, he worked as Deputy General Director, Member of the Management Board of Embamunaigas JSC (2015-19); Commercial Director of “KMG – Kashagan BV” (2013-15); Logistics Director of The Rompetrol Group Corporate Center SRL (2012-13); Deputy Director of the Department for Export of Oil and Oil Products of KazMunayGas EP JSC (2012); Deputy Director of the Treasury Department (2009-12), Head of the Operational Accounting and Control Section of the Treasury Department (2004-09) of KazMunayGas EP JSC; Head of the Oil and Oil Products Balance Sector, Embamunaigas OJSC (2001-2004); Process Engineer, Shift Supervisor of the Department of Operational Production Management (1999-2000), Leading Engineer of the Department for Development of New Fields (2000-01) of KazakhOil-Emba OJSC. Studied at the Institute of Oil and Gas of the Atyrau University; wife’s daughter-in-law Mendesheva Dinara Bagitovna  ( 09.16.1977 ) – owns a share in ADALAGRO KZ LLP, registered by MENDESHEVA IE; nephews of Kuspanov ‘s wife  Kamila  (20.07.2001),  Kuspanov Amina  (21.10.2006),  Balzhanov Ansar  (13.01.2013); Matchmaker wife  Mendeshev Bagit  Mendeshevich  – director and owner of the share in LLP “Atyrau-TAXI”, previously headed the “MOTOR CITY PASSENGER state enterprise” (dismantled 02.25.2020) and PF “BAYTAҚ” (liquidated 01/13/2021) .Brat wife  Kayrbaev Bagitzhan Kuspanovich (12/14/1975) – Deputy General Director for Economics and Corporate Governance of KMG ENGINEERING LLP (KAZMUNAYGAS); daughter-in-law of the wife of  Kairbayev (Iskakov) Lazzat Bulatovna(08/02/1978) – owns a share in FALCON CONTRACTORS TRUST LLP, registered by KULSAY FE, was the head and founder of TRIUMPH PALACE LLP (liquidated on 04/29/2019) and manager of client relations of the Bank CenterCredit attraction department; nephews of Kuspanov ‘s wife  Nargiz Bagitzhanovna  (6.11.2003),  Kuspanov Sherniyaz Bagitzhanovich  (30.08.2005) – studied at the Kazakh-Turkish lyceum “NurOrda”,  Kairbaeva Balzhan Bagitzhanovna  (13.05.2008),  Kairbaev Sabyrzhan Bagitzhanov  (  05.05. Arlan Bagitzhanovich  (06.10.2016); matchmaker of his wife  Iskakov Bulat Amirkhanovich  (05.12.1948) – was the head and founder of FALCON CONTRACTORS TRUST LLP (2018-19); matchmaker of Iskakov’s wife  Gulsim (06.21.1951) – head and founder of TRUST TRANSACTION LLP, registered by ISKAKOVA GULSIM FE, was the founder of FALCON CONTRACTORS TRUST LLP (2019); sister-in-law of Iskakov’s wife  Guldana Bulatovna  (11/12/1979) – head and owns a share (founder) in SANAR COMMERCE LLP (formerly called Oil trade products LLP), owns a share in FALCON CONTRACTORS TRUST LLP (managed 2019), issued by IE ISKAKOVA. Sister of Kuspanova’s wife  Ainur Kuspanovna (03/12/1978)
3.Darmesh Aidar Askhatovich30.10.1987A sonPurchasing Manager “KAZ Minerals” (since 2018). Designed by IE “Darmesh A.” At various times he worked as a legal adviser for Norton Rose Fulbright (London, UK) (2010-15), contract manager (2015-16); commercial analyst of copper mining projects (2016-18) “KAZ Minerals”. Owns a 4-room apartment (over 160 sq. m.) at Almaty, st. Tulebaeva, 162 Bachelor of Laws from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2006-09) (UK), studied at Stanford University (2016-17), improved his qualifications at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2021) (both – USA).Spouse  Darmesh (Kazantseva) Marina  – works in “Marubeni Corporation Kharassan Project Office”. Previously, she was a PR manager (2010-11); Specialist of the Corporate Governance Department (2011-14) of NAC Kazatomprom JSC. Studied at Queen Mary University of London (Great Britain) (2006-10). A relative of Kazantsev’s wife  Oksana  – lives in Moscow, Russia; native of Almaty.
4.Darmesh Ilyas Askhatovich Younger sonHead of the BRANCH OF “A2A SERVICES” LLP IN ASTANA (from 06.2021) (branch of the company Darmesha Rakhat). Studied at Culver Academies (USA) (2014-18), Oxford International School (UK). 
5.Daulbaev Maksat Kaizullaevich15.04.1960BrotherChief Administrative Director of KCELL JSC (until 2012 it was called GSM Kazakhstan LLP), Vice President of the Billiard Sports Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A person with the same full name owned a 33% share in 2004-10 of Medved LLC (Orenburg region, RF).Daughter  Darmesh Madina Maksatovna  ( 03.24.1984 ) – founder of KADI-DA LLP and ETA-ENG AKTOBE LLP, which had the AKTUBINSKY BRANCH OF ETA-ENG TRADING LIMITED (liquidated 05.06.2020). There is an offshore company of the same name “ETA-ENG TRADING LIMITED” (Cyprus). Designed by FE “DARMESH MADINA MAKSATOVNA”. Studied at KAZGUU University (2007 graduation) Son  Daulbaev Timur Maksatovich (13.09.1990) – head and founder of NINEBOT KAZAKHSTAN LLP, managing director and founder (since 10.2016) SEVERKHIM LLP, insurance agent of Halyk-Life JSC (since 2010), founder of SEVERKHIMMASH LLP, owns a share ( since 2012) in ASTARTES LLP with a BRANCH IN PAVLODAR, owned a share in PROMMASHKONSULT LLP (liquidated on April 30, 2020). Business partners: Akhmetzhanov Nariman Serikovich; founder of NINEBOT KAZAKHSTAN LLP Arsen Azamatovich Dzholdasbekov (son of the Chairman of the Board of Insurance Payments Guarantee Fund JSC Azamat Myrzadanovich Dzholdasbekov). Studied at City – University of London (Great Britain). Daughter  Darmesh Alina Maksatovna (28.08.1995) – registered as FE DARMESH ALINA, owned a share in NINEBOT KAZAKHSTAN LLP (2017-19). Studied at Bishopstroke College (2012-13), Cambridge Branch of Mander Portman Woodward College (2013-15) and psychology at the University of Manchester (all UK).
6.Daulbaev Samrat Kaizullaevich28.11.1965BrotherDeputy Chairman of the Board for Strategic Development of Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC (since 2018). Owns a share in the housing construction cooperative “BARYS 2012”. Previously, at various times, he worked as First Deputy General Director, Managing Director for Business Support (2016-17) of Batumi Oil Terminal LLC (Georgia), owner – KazTransOil JSC; Deputy General Director for General Issues, Chief of Staff of the General Director of Intergas Central Asia JSC (2008-16); General Director of the Tera-Group LLP plant (2007-08); Director of LLP “Argonaut-A” (2005-07) and the plant LLP “Asia-Akmola” (2004-05); Executive Director of OJSC Aktyubeenergo (2002-04); Deputy Director of the Aktobe regional branch of Nauryz Bank of Kazakhstan OJSC (2001-02). Graduated from the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute (graduated in 1988;Wife  Daulbaev (Akayev) Svetlana Zhalelovna (06/22/1965) – decorated SP “Daulbaev Svetlana Zhalelovna” .Syn  Kayzulla Adil Samratovich  (12.06.1998) – studied at the John Cabot University (Italy), lives in Astane.Syn  Kayzulla Asan Samratovich  (10.05 .1990) – head and founder of SAMERIT LLP, studied at KAZGUU University; daughter-in-law  Kaizulla (Iskhakova) Dina  (born July 21) – studied at ENU. L.N. Gumilyov (edition 2012); grandson of  Kaizulla Arlan Asanovich  (10/19/2017); relatives of the daughter-in-law:  Iskhakova Dilyara  (born November 15) – studied at the ENU. L.N. Gumilyova (release 2014),  Iskhakova Adil (21.06.2006),  Iskhakov Nadir Khamitovich (07/21/1967) – Head of the PC “Gardener’s Association” Almaly “, decorated SP” ISKHAKOV NH ”  Iskhakov Ilyar  Nadirovich (11/19/1988) – decorated FE” ISKHAKOV “attended KazATiSO (issue 2009),  Iskhakov Diana Nadirovna  (06/12/1994) – working in notary offices in Almaty, ofrmleno SP “Iskhakov DN”, studied at AEP,  Iskhakov Elmira Hamitovna (03.05.1971) – decorated SP “Iskhakov EH”  Iskhakov Aruzhan  ( born July 2) – studied at the “Seoul National University of Science and Technology” (graduation 2018), lives in Taldykorgan. Wife’s  brother Bekbolat Zhalelovich Akayev  (05/06/1958). Wife’s sister:  Risa Zhalelaevna Akayeva  (01/25/1960) – issued IE “Akaeva Risa Zhalelaevna”. Wife’s sister Dzhubatyrova (Akaeva) Monshak Zhalelovna  (01.10.1956); Dzhubatyrov’s wife’s son-in-law  Rashit  (02/05/1956); Dzhubatyrov ‘s wife’s  niece, Meruert Rashitovna  (06/08/1989) – was the head of AKAY + CONSULT LLP (liquidated on 02/25/2020).
7.Maksatbekuulu Ulukbek  ProtegeFormer Senior Assistant to the Prosecutor General and Managing Director of BTA Bank JSC. He worked in the prosecutor’s office and the Visor company. Owned real estate on Palm Jumeirah (an artificial island in the Persian Gulf).Maksatbek-Sarsenbayev’s wife  Jamilya  is an ex-employee of BTA Bank JSC and Visor company.
8.Abilmazhinova Anar ProtegeEx-senior assistant to the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan for investigation and management of interdepartmental investigative and operational groups. In 2017 she received a suspended sentence. 

T A B L I C A No. 2

Business of Askhat Daulbaev’s relatives

№п / пName LeadersFoundersRegistration dateBIN (or INN)OKEDAddress (AS)Attitude (connection)
Son Rahat Darmesh and relatives of the daughter-in-law
1.DSS PARTNERS LLP (more than 51 employees)SAYADYANTS DAVID RUBENOVYCHDARMESH RAKHAT ASKHATOVICH; SAYADYANTS DAVID RUBENOVICH12.08.2014140840009793Wholesale of a wide range of goods without any specification (46909)Almaty, MEDEUSKY DISTRICT, STREET HADZHI MUKANA, 22/5 (751710000)Son of Rakhat
2.LLP “IDM CONSTRUCTION” (supplier of JSC “SAMRUK-KAZYNA” and “NADLoC”)POPLAVSKY BRONISLAV IVANOVICHDSS PARTNERS LLP14.01.2010100140005619Construction of non-residential buildings, with the exception of stationary trade objects of categories 1, 2 (41202). As well as car and passenger car rental.Almaty, MEDEUSKY DISTRICT, STREET HADZHI MUKANA, 22/5 (751710000)Son of Rakhat
3.ТОО “CHEMICAL SUPPLY & SERVICES”POPLAVSKY BRONISLAV IVANOVICHIDM CONSTRUCTION LLP10.11.2016161140010807Provision of other individual services not included in other categories (96090)Almaty, MEDEUSKY DISTRICT, STREET HADZHI MUKANA, 22/5 (751710000)Son of Rakhat
4.LLP “EAST TRADE SOLUTIONS” (has debts in taxes and customs payments)SAYADYANTS DAVID RUBENOVICH; DARMESH RAKHAT ASKHATOVICH (Advisor to the General Director)DSS PARTNERS LLP12.08.2014140840009802Wholesale trade in a wide range of goods without any specification (46909). And also construction, design and real estate. In 2015, it was the largest buyer of oil in the Republic of Kazakhstan.Almaty, MEDEUSKY DISTRICT, STREET HADZHI MUKANA, 22/5 (751710000)Son of Rakhat
6.DOSSOR-SERVICE LLP (more than 151 employees)AIBEK MEYRAMBEKOVICH KARIMOV; RAKHAT ASKHATOVICH DARMESH (headed in 2016-18)EAST TRADE SOLUTIONS LLP; LLP “TENGIZ TRANSPORT COMPANY” (among the founders of the latter – LLP “TENGIZTRA-NSGROUP” (TENGIZTRANS-GROUP), the ultimate beneficiary of which was the offshore company “Meridian Capital” (Bermuda), where MYNBAEV SAUETAT MUKHAM was a major shareholder)07.07.2006060740001638Railway Operations (52211)Atyrau region, MAKAT DISTRICT, BAYGETOBINSKY S.O., S. ESKENE, RAZEDEZD 469, 15 (235231200)Son of Rakhat
7.KALIUM PROCESSING COMPANY LLP (more than 51 employees)AKIMZHANOVA NURZIYA ABUKHANOVNALLP “EAST TRADE SOLUTIONS”. LLP “FONET ER-TAI AK MINING” (FONET ER-TAI HEY KEY MINING) (was the founder until the summer of 2021), its own – LLP “ER-TAI”, the founders of which:  “YT INVESTMENT BV ”  (Holland), Inge Olov Torsten Magnusson, Mukhit Zhanasov and Maksutbek Yessenov, brother of Galymzhan Yessenov14.03.2019190340015868Mining and processing of copper ore (07292)Almaty, MEDEUSKY DISTRICT, STREET HADZHI MUKANA, 22/5 (751710000)Son of Rakhat
8.TOO “KAZ KALIUM” (KAZ KALIUM)URMURZIN DASTAN SAGINGALIEVICHKALIUM PROCESSING COMPANY LLP; SRPM RESOURCESLTD (Cyprus)04.02.2021210240007433Mining and beneficiation of non-metallic ores (08992)Almaty, MEDEUSKY DISTRICT, STREET HADZHI MUKANA, 22/5 (751710000)Son of Rakhat
9.“PRIVATE COMPANY SRPM RESOURCES LTD.”KASYMANOVA LEYLA TOLEUOVNAKALIUM PROCESSING COMPANY LLP; SRPM RESOURCESLTD (Cyprus)28.09.2020200940900318Extraction of mineral raw materials for the chemical industry and the production of fertilizers (08910). And also the production of fertilizers.Astana city, DISTRICT ESIL, STREET DOSTYҚ, 16, OFFICE A, 23 FLOOR (711210000)Son of Rakhat
11.BRANCH OF “A2A SERVICES” LLP IN ASTANADARMESH ILYAS ASKHATOVICHNot provided29.07.2016160741024801Car and passenger car rental (77111)г. Astana, BAIKONUR DISTRICT (711410000)Sons Rakhat and Ilyas
12.ТОО “MEDEU DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICES”ARTSYBASHEVA OLESYA VLADIMIROVNAA2A SERVICES LLP05.02.2015150240005790Hotel service with restaurants (55101)Almaty, MEDEUSKY DISTRICT, STREET HADZHI MUKANA, 22/5 (751710000)Son of Rakhat
13.LEVITATE LLPARTSYBASHEVA OLESYA VLADIMIROVNAA2A SERVICES LLP; DD INVESTMENTS LLP07.02.2014140240007755Hunting and trapping, including the provision of services in these areas (01700)Almaty, MEDEUSKY DISTRICT, STREET HADZHI MUKANA, 22/5 (751710000)Son of Rakhat
14.SENIM 2006 LLPJUMANOV MARAT MUKHAMETKALI-EVICHLEVITATE LLP (since 2019)26.01.2006060140002822Wholesale of a wide range of goods without any specification (46909)г. Astana, BAIKONUR DISTRICT, YOUTH MICRO-DISTRICT, 8/1, KV. 18 (711410000)Son of Rakhat
15.DD INVESTMENTS LLPARTSYBASHEVA OLESYA VLADIMIROVNADARMESH RAKHAT ASKHATOVICH12.05.2016160540007541Provision of other individual services not included in other categories (96090)Almaty, MEDEUSKY DISTRICT, STREET HADZHI MUKANA, 22/5 (751710000)Son of Rakhat
16.PETRORETAIL LLP (was established in 2018 12 days before the auction for the sale of the state network of gas stations of JSC NC KAZMUNAIGAS; employs more than 1000 employees; owns 3 laboratories and 34 oil depots (owned – 14, leased – 30) , has 12 branches; public procurement participant (supplier) since 2020; 5785 government contracts; supplier SAMRUK-KAZYNA JSC)SHOTANOV TULEMIS SADYKOVICHPRIME CASE LLP (its share is owned by DANIYAR RUSTEMOVICH ABULGAZIN); JOINT TECHNOLOGIES LLP (since 10.2020; its founder is the daughter of the former speaker of the Parliament of the Kazakh USSR RAUSHAN MAKHTAEVNA SAGDIEVA and KIPROS LLP TIMUR ASKAROVICH KULIBAEVA); KHODZHALAKOV RUFAT TURSUNOVICH (Deputy General Director for Marketing of JSC KAZMUNAYGAS – Refining and Marketing, its former General Director). LLP “EAST TRADE SOLUTIONS” (was the founder at 10.2018-06.2020); SAYADYANTS DAVID RUBENOVICH (was the founder at 06.2020-1020).31.10.2018181040037076Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores, excluding those on the roadside (47301) Wholesale of other fuels (46719)Astana city, DISTRICT ESIL, AVENUE TURAN, 1 (711210000)Son of Rakhat
17.FILIAL TOO “PETRORETAIL” ICAMEDETBAEVA GALIYA ZHANSHORAEVNANot provided. The branch does not have the status of a legal entity.01.03.2019190341001308Laboratory testing and analysis activities of oil refineries (71203) Wholesale of other fuels (46719)Astana, BAYKOKYR DISTRICT, RESIDENTIAL MASSIVE ONDIRIS, STREET ONDIRIS 41/4 (711410000)Son of Rakhat
18.BRANCH OF PETRORETAIL LLP IN THE CITY OF ASTANA AND PAVLODAR REGION (more than 251 employees work; has debts for 1 enforcement proceedings)ALIYEV GANI MADIEVICHNot provided01.03.2019190341000796Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores, excluding those on the roadside (47301) Wholesale of other fuels (46719)г. Astana, ESIL DISTRICT, KORGALZHYN HIGHWAY, 3B (711210000)Son of Rakhat
19.F-L LLP “PETRORETAIL” IN THE CITY OF ALMATY AND ALMATY REGION (more than 251 employees work)TASHMETOV BAUYRZHAN BAKHYTZHANOVICHNot provided27.02.2019190241036068Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores, excluding those on the roadside (47301) Wholesale of other fuels (46719)г. Almaty, ALMALIN DISTRICT, ZHELTOKSAN STREET, 96/98 (751110000)Son of Rakhat
20.BRANCH OF PETRORETAIL LLP IN SHYMKENT CITY, ZHAMBYL, KYZYLORDINA AND TURKESTAN REGIONS (more than 151 employees work)TASHMETOV BAUYRZHAN BAKHYTZHANOVICHNot provided25.02.2019190241032473Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores, excluding those on the roadside (47301)Shymkent, KARATAU DISTRICT, KVARTAL 191, D.166 (791710000)Son of Rakhat
21.BRANCH OF PETRORETAIL LLP IN ATYRAU REGION (more than 101 employees work)BERMAGAMBETO-VA GULMIRA AMANGELDIEV-NANot provided25.02.2019190241031455Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores, excluding those on the roadside (47301) Wholesale of other fuels (46719)Atyrauskaya oblast, ATYRAU GA, G. ATYRAU, STR. SAKEN SEIFULLIN, 109 (231010000)Son of Rakhat
22.BRANCH OF PETRORETAIL LLP IN KARAGANDA REGION (more than 251 employees work)BURANBAEV NURBOL IMANBAEVICHNot provided25.02.2019190241031603Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores, excluding those on the roadside (47301) Karaganda region, KARAGANDA GA, G. KARAGANDA, R.A. IM. KAZYBEK BI, DISTRICT IM. KAZYBEK BI, NEFTEBAZA STREET, 7 (351013100)Son of Rakhat
23.BRANCH OF PETRORETAIL LLP IN AKTUBINSK REGION (more than 251 employees work)AHMETZHANOV ERTAI GALIULLAEVICHNot provided25.02.2019190241032265Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores other than those on the roadside (47301) Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores located on the roadside (47303)Aktobe region, AKTOBE G.A., AKTOBE, DISTRICT ASTANA, STREET G. ZHUBANOVOY, 15 (151011100)Son of Rakhat
24.BRANCH OF PETRORETAIL LLP IN MANGISTAU REGION (more than 151 employees work)MUKHASHOV MURAT USENGALIEVICHNot provided26.02.2019190241033560Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores, excluding those on the roadside (47301) Wholesale of other fuels (46719)Mangystau region, AKTAU G.A., AKTAU city, MICRODAYON 14, 61/1, Business center “Zvezda Aktau” (471010000)Son of Rakhat
25.BRANCH OF PETRORETAIL LLP FOR WEST KAZAKHSTAN REGION (more than 101 employees work)AHMETALIN SERIK UZAKBAEVICHNot provided25.02.2019190241031257Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores, excluding those on the roadside (47301) Wholesale of other fuels (46719)West Kazakhstan region, URALSK G.A., URALSK, MICRODISTANCE ASTANA, 5/2 (271010000)Son of Rakhat
26.BRANCH OF PETRORETAIL LLP IN EAST KAZAKHSTAN REGION (more than 251 employees work)TULEGENOV SULTANBEK MURATOVICHNot provided25.02.2019190241032295Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores, excluding those on the roadside (47301) Wholesale of other fuels (46719)East Kazakhstan region, UST-KAMENOGORSK G.A., UST-KAMENOGORSK, STREET SOKHOZNAYA, 1/1 (631010000)Son of Rakhat
27.BRANCH OF PETRORETAIL LLP IN THE NORTH KAZAKHSTAN REGION (more than 151 employees work)JUMAGULOV ERGALI SERGALIEVICHNot provided01.03.2019190341000885Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores, excluding those on the roadside (47301) Wholesale of other fuels (46719) Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores located on the roadside (47303)North Kazakhstan region, PETROPAVLOVSK G.A., PETROPAVLOVSK, STREET BATYR BAYAN, 303 (591010000)Son of Rakhat
28.BRANCH OF PETRORETAIL LLP FOR AKMOLA AND KOSTANAY REGIONS (more than 151 employees work)BEKTENOV ADILZHAN MUHTASIFOVICH Not provided25.02.2019190241031891Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores, with the exception of those located on the roadside (47301). As well as wholesale trade in motor gasoline and diesel fuel.Akmola region, KOKSHETAU G.A., KOKSHETAU, STREET 8 MARCH, 51 (111010000)Son of Rakhat
29.PETRORETAIL PFS LLP (public procurement participant (supplier) since 2019; supplier and customer SAMRUK-KAZYNA JSC; had debts for 2 enforcement proceedings)BEKTENOV BEKZHAN MUKHTASIFOVICH (Deputy General Director for Development of JSC “KAZMUNAYGAS – Refining and Marketing”; Vice President for International Relations and former Executive Director of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation; founder of the NOC RK)PETRORETAIL LLP08.12.2009091240004926Rent and management of own real estate (68201). As well as lease (sublease) and operation of the rented real estate.Astana city, DISTRICT ESIL, AVENUE TURAN, 1 (711210000)Son of Rakhat
30.LLP “GRAND ERA” (less than 5 employees with 29 types of activities; public procurement participant (supplier) since 2018)UNGARBAEV ALIBEK KALDYBAEVICHPETRORETAIL LLP (from 03.2021); AVTOGAZ TRADE LLP (among its founders, GAS ENERGYTRADE LLP, in which shares are owned by DANIYAR RUSTEMOVICH ABULGAZIN and JOINT TECHNOLOGIES LLP with the ultimate beneficiary TIMUR ASKAROVICH KULIBAYEV); BEKBERGENOV MIRAS DANIYARҰLY; UNGARBAYEV ALIBEK KALDYBAEVICH30.11.2018181140035846Software development (62011) Postal activities within the provision of public services (53100) Other postal and courier activities (53200) and 26 other activitiesAlmaty city, MEDEUSKY DISTRICT, MICRODISTRY SAMAL-2, 67 (751710000)Son of Rakhat
31.KANTAR LLP (liquidated on 25.02.2020)DAULBAEV KAYZULLANo information on the source07.10.1997971040007036Wholesale of a wide range of goods without any specification (46909)Aktobe region, AKTOBE G.A., AKTOBE, DISTRICT ASTANA, MICRODISTRY 11, 115, SQ. 10 (151011100)Father Kaizulla
32.IP “DARMESH A.” (DARMESH AIDAR ASKHATOVICH)DARMESH AYDAR ASKHATOVICHNot provided 871030300016Renting and operating own real estate (68201)г. Almaty, MEDEU DISTRICT (751710000)Critic Aidar
33.IP “ANAR” (DARMEŠ ANAR KUSPANOVNA)DARMESH ANAR KUSPANOVNANot provided18.03.2004801116400826Rent and management of own real estate (68201). And also other retail trade not in stores.г. Almaty, MEDEU DISTRICT (751710000)Darmesh Anar’s daughter-in-law
34.ADALAGRO KZKERTAEV ABAY KERTAEVICHMENDESHEVA DINARA BAGITOVNA; SANSYZBAEV RUSTAM ASKAROVICH 29.08.2019190840030790Manufacture of knitted and crocheted hosiery (01431)Akmola region, EREIMENTAUSKY DISTRICT, BESTOGAYSKY S.O., S. BAYSARY, STREET NAMED AFTER ALGOZHI MAKANBEDIEVA, 68 (114635200)A relative of Darmesh Anar’s daughter-in-law
35.IP MENDEŠEVA (MENDEŠEVA DINARA BAGITOVNA)MENDESH’S DINAR BAGITOVNANot provided18.06.2014770916402903Rent and management of own real estate (68201). As well as retail trade in spare parts and accessories for cars; activities of agents for the sale of goods of a wide range.г. Astana, ESIL DISTRICT (711210000)A relative of Darmesh Anar’s daughter-in-law
36.ATYRAU-TAXI LLP MENDESHEV BAGITMENDESHEV BAGIT; DYUSENOV ILYAS BORANOVICH; ZHAKASHEV UMBETKALI KUSAINOVICH; URAZGALIEVA GULPARA NISANBAEVNA23.07.1997970740002795Rent and management of own real estate (68201). And also engaged in passenger transportation.Atyrauskaya oblast, ATYRAU GA, G. ATYRAU, STR. OTESHKALI ATAMBAEV, 7 (231010000)Relative of Darmesh Anar’s daughter-in-law
37.ТОО “FALCON CONTRACTORS TRUST”ZHOLAMANOV ASKHAT ZHOLAMANҰLY; ISKAKOVA GULDANA BULATOVNA (was the head in 2019); ISKAKOV BULAT AMIRKHANOVICH (was the head in 2018-19)KAYRBAEVA LAZZAT BULATOVNA; ISKAKOVA GULDANA BULATOVNA; ISKAKOVA GULSIM (was the founder in 2019); ISKAKOV BULAT AMIRKHANOVICH (was the founder in 2018-19)11.02.2018960240011586Renting and operating own real estate (68201)Atyrauskaya oblast, ATYRAU GA, G. ATYRAU, ZEYNOLLA KABDOLOV AVENUE, 8 (231010000)Relatives of Darmesh Anar’s daughter-in-law
38.TRIUMPH PALACE LLP (liquidated on 29.04.2019)KAIRBAEVA LAZZAT BULATOVNAKAIRBAEVA LAZZAT BULATOVNA29.09.2015150940023734Provision of other individual services not included in other categories (96090)г. Astana, ESIL DISTRICT, DOSTYK ​​STREET, 3 (711210000)A relative of Darmesh Anar’s daughter-in-law
39.FE “KULSAY” (KAYRBAEVA LAZZAT BULATOVNA) (has debts in taxes and customs payments)KAIRBAEVA LAZZAT BULATOVNANot provided20.01.2017780802400502Rent and management of own real estate (68201). As well as growing vegetables, their seeds and seedlings.г. Astana, ESIL DISTRICT (711210000)A relative of Darmesh Anar’s daughter-in-law
40.TRUST TRANSACTION LLP (supplier of SAMRUK-KAZYNA JSC)ISKAKOVA GULSIMISKAKOVA GULSIM11.02.2018180240014557Renting and operating rental properties (68202)Atyrauskaya oblast, ATYRAU GA, G. ATYRAU, STR. KAIRGALI SMAGULOV, 56, KV. 52 (231010000)A relative of Darmesh Anar’s daughter-in-law
41.FE “ISKAKOVA GULSIM” (supplier of NADLoC)ISKAKOVA GULSIMNot provided21.04.2003510621400019Rent and management of own real estate (68201). As well as plastering work.Atyrauskaya oblast, ATYRAU GA, G. ATYRAU (231010000)A relative of Darmesh Anar’s daughter-in-law
42.SANAR COMMERCE LLP (oil trade products LLP)ISKAKOVA GULDANA BULATOVNAISKAKOVA GULDANA BULATOVNA12.02.2018180240016068Other retail sale in specialized stores (47789)Atyrauskaya oblast, ATYRAU GA, G. ATYRAU, BAKTYGEREY KULMANOV STREET, 1, KV. 56 (231010000)A relative of Darmesh Anar’s daughter-in-law
43.SP “ISKAKOVA” (ISKAKOVA GULDANA BULATOVNA)ISKAKOVA GULDANA BULATOVNANot provided30.12.2014791112400168Rent and management of own real estate (68201). As well as rental and management of rented real estate.Atyrauskaya oblast, ATYRAU GA, G. ATYRAU (231010000)A relative of Darmesh Anar’s daughter-in-law
Children of Maksat Daulbaeva’s brother
44.ETA-ENG AKTOBE LLPSATUBALDINA (JOLMUKHAMEDO-VA) AIZHAN NURLANOVNADARMESH MADINA MAKSATOVNA25.01.2010100140012433Wholesale of a wide range of goods without any specification (46909)Aktobe region, AKTOBE G.A., AKTOBE, ASTANA DISTRICT, AVENUE ABULKHAIR KHANA, 7A (151011100)Niece Madina
45.AKTUBINSK BRANCH OF THE COMPANY “ETA-ENG” TRADING LIMITED “(liquidated 05.06.2020)SATUBALDINA (JOLMUKHAMEDO-VA) AIZHAN NURLANOVNANot provided. Branch of ETA-ENG AKTOBE LLP. There is an offshore company of the same name “ETA-ENG TRADING LIMITED” (Cyprus).16.07.1998980741003740Other retail sale in specialized stores (47789)Aktobe region, AKTOBE G.A., AKTOBE, ASTANA DISTRICT, AVENUE ABULKHAIR KHANA, 7A (151011100)Niece Madina
46.KADI DA LLPSATUBALDINA ZVAYKAN ALBEKOVNADARMESH MADINA MAKSATOVNA16.06.2003030640004712Renting and operating own real estate (68201)Aktobe region, AKTOBE G.A., AKTOBE, ASTANA DISTRICT, AVENUE ABULKHAIR KHANA, 7A (151011100)Niece Madina
47.IP “DARMESH MADINA MAKSATOVNA”DARMESH MADINA MAKSATOVNANot provided05.11.2019840324400373Provision of services by hairdressers and beauty salons (96020). And also other retail trade not in stores.Aktobe region, AKTOBE G.A., AKTOBE, ALMATY DISTRICT (151013100)Niece Madina
48.LLP “NINEBOT KAZAKHSTAN” (has debts in taxes and customs payments)DAULBAEV TIMUR MAKSATOVICHDAULBAEV TIMUR MAKSATOVICH; DARMESH ALINA MAKSATOVNA (was the founder in 2017-19); DZHOLDASBEKOV ARSEN AZAMATOVICH (was the founder; son of the chairman of the board of JSC “Insurance payments guarantee fund” DZHOLDASBEKOV AZAMAT-CHAZADANOV).02.09.2014140940000654Renting and operating own real estate (68201)г. Almaty, TURKSIBSKY DISTRICT, SUYUNBAY AVENUE, 187A (751910000)Nephews Timur and Alina
49.SEVERHIM LLPAHMETZHANOV NARIMAN SERIKOVICH; DAULBAEV TIMUR MAKSATOVICH (Managing Director)DAULBAEV TIMUR MAKSATOVICH29.10.2015151040025433Manufacture of refined petroleum products (19201)Pavlodar region, PAVLODAR G.A., PAVLODAR, INDUSTRIAL ZONE NORTH, 71, OFFICE 104 (551010000)Nephew Timur
50.SEVERKHIMMASH LLP (public procurement participant (supplier) since 2017, 7 government contracts, supplier SAMRUK-KAZYNA JSC)AHMETZHANOV NARIMAN SERIKOVICHDAULBAEV TIMUR MAKSATOVICH 15.08.2017170840018202Manufacture of other metal tanks, reservoirs and containers (25290)Pavlodar region, PAVLODAR G.A., PAVLODAR, INDUSTRIAL ZONE CENTRAL, 1716 (551010000)Nephew Timur
51.ASTARTES LLPAHMETZHANOV NARIMAN SERIKOVICHDAULBAEV TIMUR MAKSATOVICH (since 2012); AHMETZHANOV NARIMAN SERIKOVICH13.05.2011110540007532Wholesale of paints and varnishes, wallpaper and floor coverings (46734)г. Almaty, TURKSIBSKY DISTRICT, SAURANBAEVA STREET, 7/1 (751910000)Nephew Timur
52.FILIAL TOO “ASTARTES”AHMETZHANOV GALYMZHAN TURSUNOVICHNot provided01.03.2013130341000408Wholesale of other fuels (46719)Pavlodar region, PAVLODAR G.A., G. PAVLODAR, STREET GENERALA DYUSENOVA, 18/3, KV. 3 (551010000)Nephew Timur
53.PROMMASHKON-SALT LLP (liquidated on 30.04.2020)AHMETZHANOV NARIMAN SERIKOVICHDAULBAEV TIMUR MAKSATOVICH; AHMETZHANOV NARIMAN SERIKOVICH19.07.2017170740020508Provision of other individual services not included in other categories (96090)Pavlodar region, PAVLODAR GA, G. PAVLODAR, TORAYGYROVA STREET, 79/1 (551010000)Nephew Timur
54.IP “DARMESH ALINA” (DARMESH ALINA MAKSATOVNA)DARMESH ALINA MAKSATOVNANot provided12.09.2018950828450051Consulting on business and management issues (70221). As well as delivery and delivery retail trade.г. Almaty, MEDEU DISTRICT (751710000)Niece Alina
Brother Samrat Daulbaev and his relatives
56.SAMERIT LLP (public procurement participant (supplier) since 2017)KAYZULLA ASAN SAMRATULYKAYZULLA ASAN SAMRATULY27.06.2017170640029746Other retail sale not in stores (47999)г. Astana, SARYARKA DISTRICT, MOSCOW STREET, 39 (711310000)Nephew of Asan
57.IP “DAULBAEVA SVETLANA ŽALELOVNA”DAULBAEVA SVETLANA MOURNINGNot provided 650622401318Rent and management of own real estate (68201). As well as the production of finished textiles, workwear and underwear.г. Astana, BAIKONUR DISTRICT (711410000)Svetlana Daulbaev’s daughter-in-law
58.FE “AKAEVA RAYSA ZHALELAEVNA”AKAEVA RAYSA ZHALELAEVNANot provided 600125402177Provision of other individual services not included in other groups (96090). As well as retail trade in beverages in specialized stores.Aktobe region, AKTOBE G.A., G. AKTOBEA relative of Svetlana Daulbaeva’s daughter-in-law
59.LLP “AKAY + CONSULT” (liquidated on 25.02.2020)DZHUBATYROVA MERUERT RASHITOVNANo data at source10.08.2016160840008848Other retail sale in non-specialized stores (47191)Aktobe region, AKTOBE G.A., AKTOBE, DISTRICT ASTANA, MICRODISTRY 11, 79, SQ. 92 (151011100)A relative of Svetlana Daulbaeva’s daughter-in-law
60.CONSUMER COOPERATIVE “GARDENING COMPANY” ALMALY “(has debts in taxes and customs payments)ISKHAKOV NADIR KHAMITOVICH7 individual founders10.08.2014040840008645Property management on a fee or contract basis (68321)Almaty region, KARASAY DISTRICT, UMTYLSKY S.O., S. ALMALYBAK (195255200)Relative of the daughter-in-law of Kaizullah Dina
61.IE “ISKHAKOV N.KH.” (ISKHAKOV NADIR KHAMITOVICH) (has debts in taxes and customs payments)ISKHAKOV NADIR KHAMITOVICHNot provided27.08.2003670721301383Retail sale of clothing, footwear and fabrics on the market (47822). And also breeding of other breeds of cattle for meat production.г. Almaty, ALMALIN DISTRICT (751110000)Relative of the daughter-in-law of Kaizullah Dina
62.IE “ISKHAKOV” (ISKHAKOV ILYAR NADIROVICH) (has 11 government contracts)ISKHAKOV ILYAR NADIROVICHNot provided18.10.2016881119300140Taxi activities (49320). As well as wholesale trade in spare parts and accessories for cars.г. Almaty, BOSTANDYK DISTRICT (751410000)Relative of the daughter-in-law of Kaizullah Dina
63.IP “ISHAKOVA DN” (ISHAKOVA DIANA NADIROVNA)ISHAKOVA DIANA NADIROVNANot provided28.07.2015940612400118Retail sale of other goods on the market (47892). As well as the production of printed forms and information activities; production of other products.г. Almaty, ALMALIN DISTRICT (751110000)A relative of the daughter-in-law Kaisullah Dina
64.SP “ISHAKOVA E.H.” (ISHAKOVA ELMIRA KHAMITOVNA)ISHAKOVA ELMIRA KHAMITOVNANot provided05.10.2006710503400297Rent and management of own real estate (68201). As well as taxi activities.г. Almaty, NAURYZBAY DISTRICT (751810000)A relative of the daughter-in-law Kaisullah Dina

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